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Remotely-based iGaming Translators

The aim of All-in Translations is to deliver the most precise and attractive translations in the iGaming industry. In order to achieve this, we are calling for the best iGaming translators out there. At the moment we are looking for more translators fluent in the following languages:

Chinese (traditional and simplified)







Khmer (Cambodian)


♣ Icelandic




Tagalog (Filipino)

What we offer to attract the best iGaming translators:

♣ We are the best agency to work with and only work with the best iGaming translators! Check some of the testimonials from other iGaming translators and writers here.
♣ On-time monthly payments, large volume of work and you can accept jobs and issue invoices in a single click.
♣ A chance to work with the best companies in the iGaming industry.
♣ Freedom to work wherever and whenever as long as deadlines are kept.
♣ All the tools needed to provide the highest quality and improve your translation skills as well as your knowledge of iGaming.
♣ A friendly and supportive Project Management team.

The successful candidate should have:

♣ Experience in translating into their native language, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the iGaming terminology.
♣ The creative ability to make a text attractive in their native language.
♣ The ability to deliver projects within set deadlines.

Please email your cover letter, sample text/translation, and CV to if you think you fit the bill. Use the subject line: iGaming Translator - [YOUR LANGUAGE].

Some useful tips for applicants here.

More info about All-in Translations on Facebook and Linked In.

Fancy a Game of World Cup Fantasy?

The first round of our World Cup fantasy game has now been created in Click here to join. The fee is  £22 and the prizepool has a progressive payout. All rules here.

The deadline to set up your team is 1 hour before kick-off in the opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia on 14th June. Everyone gets a budget of £100m to choose a squad of 15 players.

The 5 most expensive players (as of 8th June) are Messi (£12,5m), Ronaldo (£12m), Neymar (£12m), Cavani (£11m) and Kane (£11m). Tim Cahill from Australia costs £5m.

Inside tips: Choose set piece takers. Full overview here. And here is what happened when Bisnode used machine learning and data mining to predict the outcome of this year's World Cup.

You can choose players from the following 12 games:

PS: Do you have good tips for podcasts dedicated to the World Cup? Not necessarily in English. We would like to make a full overview.


TV 2




Rotowire (US)

All-in Translations is a language service provider specialising in gaming, sports, esports, fantasy and crypto/fintech. Below you can see what happened when we did a road trip to France for the Euro 16.

All-in Poker & Pool Party in Bucharest

The Entertainment Arena Expo is the first event on a busy autumn schedule for All-in Translations. This Romanian international exhibition for the casino, betting and entertainment industry starts in Bucharest on the 3rd September, and on the final evening of 5th September All-in Translations will host a Poker & Pool Party for the expo delegates.

Admittance is strictly by invite/guest list.

On the poker table we will host a dealer's choice cash game with Texas Hold'em No Limit, Crazy Pineapple No Limit and Pot Limit Omaha. There are 6 seats - first come first served. We will also have a waiting list running.

On the pool table we will apply a winner stays policy. Betting is of course allowed.

Drinks and some light food will be served. Hope to see you there!

All-in Translations is a market leading provider of language services for the gaming industry. Email or request a quote if you want our help to get your global growing going. Our services, which includes localization, content writing, link building and more, are available in 70+ languages.

You can see a full calendar of our 10 year anniversary tour here.

Remotely-based iGaming Copywriters

You are a skilled, creative writer and you heard our call. Step 1 completed. If you are already convinced that you would like to work for All-in Translations as a copywriter, you can scroll down to the application form.

At All-in Translations we pride ourselves on working with the best linguists in the iGaming industry. What are we looking for? Simply put, the best copywriters out there for all our languages, since many of our clients are asking us to write attractive content for them.

Who should apply? Anyone who can write remarkably well, including but not limited to journalistsmarketing professionalsPR professionals and so on.

We can offer you the freedom of working from wherever you wish and you will be glad to know we have an outstanding reputation as an employer. You can read about us here and our company history here.

Questions? Contact Eolo in HR on

The Cup Draw – Round of 16

Leo Vegas beat TWIN 5-2 in the last league game tonight (Friday), resulting in the following cup draw (below). Matches start on 16th April and commences on 4th May with a final and bronze final being played at Luxol, followed by the awards ceremony and after-party at Surfside. RSVP and see all details here.

Round of 16:

(There have been a few corrections here since the original post, sorry about any confusion).

GIGsters United vs. Catena Media

Leo Vegas vs. Oceanwood

ZP Services vs. SD Services

Bethard vs. Aspire FC

TWIN vs. iGaming Elite (Betway has withdrawn from the competition and iGaming Elite gets their place in the cup)

Kindred (Unibet) vs. Betfair

Betsson Moneymakers vs. Tipico Skills

Betclic vs. La Famiglia

Below are the final league tables. Congratulations to GIGsters United and Betfair!

Betfair Wins Pentasia All-in League 2 After Dramatic Final Round

Despite what the league table on our website says, Betfair secured the League 2 title after a dramatic last round at Luxol. Betway got 2 red cards and lost 5-6 to SD Services in the final game, placing three teams on 33 points. Aspire FC had a better goal difference, but direct confrontation counts first, and since Betfair beat both Aspire FC and Betway they are declared winners. So congratulations Betfair!

Betfair Team Captain, Max Hawkins, commented on the success. "I think that the hard work, determination and our relentless will to win drove us to be the best we could have been. The respect from the teams in the league as well as the referees made this season absolutely fantastic and we can't wait to participate in the knockout stages! Top marks to the organisation of the league this year!"

We would like to apologize here for inconsistent communication regarding the rules and technical problems with the league table on the website, we cannot seem to make it consider direct confrontation first. So here is the manually made final table of League 2.

Only 1 game in League 1 remains before we can conclude and announce the cup draw later tonight, so stay tuned. Leo Vegas will secure second place with a win, whereas Twin can make it to 4th. As you probably know GIGsters United won League 1.

PS: Make sure to set aside May 4th for the cup finals, awards and after-party at Surfside. Our league manager Nikola walks you through the details in the video below.

Finals, Awards and After-Party with the Pentasia All-in League from All-In Translations on Vimeo.

GIGsters United Wins Pentasia All-in League

After being handed a walkover against Leo Vegas, GIGsters United are officially champions of the Pentasia All-in League with 10 wins in 10 games, no matter the result in the league final against Bethard on Thursday. The picture above is from when they won All-in Translations' SiGMA Cup 2017.

This is what Endre Nesset had to say when we told him about the walkover that gave his team their first league title.

"It's a bit anticlimactic to win like this, but it feels incredible in any case. Our goal was to get payback after the bitter ending of last season (GIGsters United sent a complaint which was rejected and Unibet won). We had a fairly small squad with only 8-9 players, but everyone have been extremely loyal and the team has become very interoperable. We had a plan and the players know each other well."

Who has been your key players?

"Felix (Preussner) is the best player in the league if you ask me. He leads the defence with authority but also contributes a lot in our offensive play. I also want to mention Eirik Thorvaldsen who has been our supersub. He has played in every possible position with good performances in all of the games." 

Any comment about the new management and referees?

"A big improvement in my opinion. The referees have kept consistent and the matches under control as far as what I have seen. The League Manager has been very helpful with rescheduling requests, and it has been more interesting to follow the league this year as the results have been updated more quickly. GIG is very thankful for this".

Sign up for our event on 4th May with the league finals at Luxol followed by the awards ceremony and after-party at Surfside. Don't forget to tell your friends and colleagues!

Will we know the winner of Pentasia All-in League today?

With just five days left of league play it is still not decided who will win Pentasia All-in League 1 or 2. In this article we will take a close look at the possible outcomes and give you an update on the cup stage.

But first of all: Make sure to keep the evening of Friday 4th May free. The cup and bronze finals will be played at Luxol from 18:30 and the after-party will be held at Surfside. Transportation will be provided between the venues. Players, referees, fans and industry friends are all welcome to join an evening of competitive football while shaking hands with teammates and opponents over a drink and great food. There's of course also the Awards Ceremony, where the new Fair Play Award will be introduced.

League 1 status

Monday, April 2nd, 2018
08:30 PM  Oceanwood @ Aspire FC Pitch 2 - Luxol Sports Club
09:30 PM  Leo Vegas @ GIGsters United 1 Pitch 2 - Luxol Sports Club
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018
08:00 PM  Betway @ SD Services Pitch 3 - Luxol Sports Club
09:00 PM  Bethard @ ZP Services Pitch 3 - Luxol Sports Club
09:00 PM  Casumo @ Play'n GO Pitch 4 - Luxol Sports Club
Wednesday, April 4th, 2018
09:00 PM  Pentasia @ Betsson Moneymakers Pitch 3 - Luxol Sports Club
Thursday, April 5th, 2018
08:30 PM  SD Services @ iGaming Elite Pitch 2 - Luxol Sports Club
09:00 PM  Bethard @ GIGsters United 1 Pitch 3 - Luxol Sports Club
Friday, April 6th, 2018
07:00 PM  FAST TRACK @ Play'n GO Pitch 3 - Luxol Sports Club
08:00 PM  Leo Vegas @ Twin Pitch 3 - Luxol Sports Club


GIGsters United 1 have had an incredible run this season with nine consecutive victories. It seems safe to say that they will finally take down the League 1 title, after having been beaten on the goalline by Unibet last year.

The GIGsters are 5 points ahead with two games left to play, but last week's fixtures makes the title race more interesting than what it would seem, as GIGsters are now playing against both of the top two teams, LeoVegas (Monday) and Bethard (Thursday). With a win against LeoVegas they are officially champions. However, if they lose or draw, or if Bethard win their game against last year's cup winners ZP Services, then there will be a deciding league final between GIGsters United and Bethard on Thursday at 9 PM.

All of the teams in League 1 can either gain and drop at least one place in the table, so it will be exciting to see which teams are in form when it matters the most.

League 2 status

Betway seems to have League 2 under control and will secure the title with at least a draw against SD Services on Tuesday. But alarm bells will be ringing if they lose. In that case Betfair, the only team that has beaten Betway in League 2, will end up over Betway on the table as direct confrontation counts before goal difference. Aspire FC and Oceanwood can also end up on 33 points, and they are playing against each other today. Betfair beat Aspire FC who cannot win the league even with 33 points, but Betfair lost against Oceanwood.

So if Betway loses and Oceanwood beats Aspire FC we would have a tricky scenario with 3 teams on 33 points where no team can be crowned winner because of direct confrontation. The goal difference would then come into play and Oceanwood would probably win since they are 11 goals ahead.

The Cup Stage

Ten teams from League 1, and six teams from League 2, qualify for the cup stage which starts 16th April. Very little can be said about which will meet which at this point, but stay tuned for updates!


Pictures from the ASEAN Gaming Summit Poker by All-in Translations

Five tables were filled with happy delegates from far and near at the PokerStars Live Room in Manila, as All-in Translations' ASEAN Gaming Summit poker tournament was played on Tuesday.

At the end, it was Igor Rus from Comtrade Gaming who earned the right to call himself the toughest gaming executive in Asia, beating Dov Allin from Marketing Cross Media heads-up. The winning hand was J7s. Tony Chan from Asia Pioneer Entertainment came 3rd and claimed the last prize from European Gaming Events which was an interview and an ad with iGaming Radio.

"I haven't played a lot of poker before but it reminds me a bit of Mahjong. I loved playing!", said Chan after he was knocked out.

Favourite and last year's winner, Rhys Jones from Zustro, who also won the tournament at the iGaming Asia Congress in Macao last week, was knocked our relatively early. CEO at All-in Translations Roy Pedersen had the pleasure of taking down a hand against Jones in the following cash game with a straight flush.

Rhys Jones from Zustro

Erin Varghese, also from Zustro, won the voucher for localization and/or content writing services worth $500 after knocking out Pedersen. Players were all-in before the flop and as you can see - that obviously qualifies as a bad beat 😉

Erin Varghese from Zustro

Luis Pereira from Asia Gaming Brief, Claude Henoud from Real Time Gaming and Rhys Jones were all at the same tough starting table.

Luis Pereira from Asia Gaming Brief

None of them reached the final table.

PokerStars Live Room Tournament

Pereira and Janice Leung were happy as always, and the team from PokerStars Live Room did a stellar job organising the tournament.

PokerStars Live Room

Pontus Magnusson (left) from Media Mirror won the Swedish poker championship in 2016 but did not reach the final table. Oskar Kallenbach from FrankFred did, but was knocked out before the prizes came into play. Here they are together with Henoud, and David Song from PokerStars.

Media Mirror and FrankFred

Thanks to everyone that contributed and participated and congratulations to ASEAN Gaming Summit for another fantastic gaming event. We hope to repeat the poker tournament in Manila next year.

RTG Asia Completes Last Piece of the Puzzle for ASEAN Poker Tournament

With the 1st day of ASEAN Gaming Summit well underway, we are getting closer and closer to the highlight of the evening: The official conference poker tournament.

In addition to being a poker tournament with great prizes, this event will also serve as a social gathering for the gaming community present in Manila this week. RTG Asia will be sponsoring the open bar to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The tournament is free to enter but only the first 40 to email will get a seat (in addition, there will be a waiting list at the PokerStars Live Room at City of Dreams from which an additional 15 players will get to play). Buses will take the players from Hilton Conrad Manila after the cocktail reception in the C-lounge.

We look forward to seeing you there!