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How we became Best iGaming Service Provider 2017
and were reported "missing in action" during the award ceremony
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We're on a worldwide tour for our 10 Year Anniversary.
Keep up with us at EiG, SiGMA, ICE and 20+ other events!
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The facelift of the Pentasia All-in League is complete
27 teams signed up this year! Read all about it and follow the competition.
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We machine translated "Poker Face" and made our own version of the music video.
Conclusion: We still recommend using human gaming translators.
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Robot + Ballerina = King as our Content Writing service booms
Probably because we don't push our clients to choose between SEO and a well-written text.
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A hat-trick of events during Purim in Tel Aviv.
This is what happened.
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Proper Cheeky on the Sofa with Dani B
Ali G impersonator Dani B talks to Sales Manager Michele Spiteri and CEO Roy Pedersen about the upcoming Celebrations of Translations for All Nations Tour.
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Do you consider cultural proximity as an acquisition strategy?
Michele Spiteri talking about the importance of localization.

The (brutally honest) story of how we became Best iGaming Service Provider 2017

Roy Pedersen

The official story Awards are an important part of the gaming industry. All-in Translations have been picked as a finalist or shortlisted for three of them in the past (and one in the future): 2 time finalist for Best Corporate Services Supplier at International Gaming Awards (IGA) Shortlisted for Corporates Services Provider at EGR B2B Awards These […]

10 Year Anniversary Tour Calendar

Roy Pedersen

Can you believe it? It’s been almost 10 years since we realised – while doing some ad-hoc poker translations here and there – that there was a massive need for a translations company specialising in iGaming. In April 2008, All In Translations Ltd. was incorporated in Malta and since then we evolved into a market […]

What Happens When You Machine Translate “Poker Face”?

Roy Pedersen

During our marketing workshop on an island off Oslo last summer, our Operations Manager Tiago Aprigio came up with this idea: to run some song lyrics through a few layers of machine translation and then do a parody like remake of that music video. Since the business of All-in Translations is almost exclusively related to […]

Tiago & Edu Go to #LocWorld34

Tiago Aprigio Santos

Photo: Tiago and Edu competing in a beauty pageant. Someone compared the evolution of the cycling industry with the localization industry, and no one from the audience or the panel of speakers got the question – maybe the gentlemen was speaking about the translation process cycle? All-In Translations’ Operations Manager Tiago Aprigio and Terminology Manager Edu Ferrer do […]

Robot + Ballerina = King

Roy Pedersen

Since Valentin Stanga took over as Manager of the Content Department at All-in Translations in late 2015, sales of Content Writing services boomed with a 693% increase*. Valentin is not the type to brag, so we had to drag it out of him, but he thinks our most powerful card is NOT pushing clients to choose between SEO and a […]

Swing and a miss as Airbnb “localizes” into Chinese

Erica Cheng

Airbnb is one of our favorite websites, but we wish they would have consulted with us before trying to localize their brand for the Chinese market. said Erica Cheng (left), Business Developer for Asian markets at All-in Translations. In this article she discusses how Airbnb failed and why it pays to pay for expert translators and cultural advisors […]

Drama at the Weigh-in: “Bill you’re such a Fish!”

Roy Pedersen

At 18:00 local time in Manila we will announce shuffle up and deal for All In Translations’ ASEAN Gaming Summit Invitational Poker Freeroll at the PokerStars Live Room at City of Dreams. There will also be a heads-up battle between Calvin Ayre’s Bill Beatty and our very own Erica Cheng. Below you can see what […]

Thrilla in Manila: Bill vs. Erica, the Build Up Montage

Roy Pedersen

Editor-in-chief of Calvin Ayre Billy Beatty and All In Translations’ Business Developer for Asian markets Erica Cheng could not have been more different as poker players. To make a long story short: Bill has poker-ADHD and Erica has never played live poker. On March 23rd they will play against in each other when All In […]

Lost in Poker Translation with WSOP Gaelle vs. Playboy Gaelle

Roy Pedersen

When rumor reached me that the new host for Battle of Malta spoke 5 languages I immediately thought of interviewing her for the All In Translations blog. Then I started researching and it all went terribly wrong. It was in the backseat of a taxi on the way to ICE Totally Gaming Day 2 when […]

iGaming Business, Tal Ron and All In Translations to host a hat-trick of events during Purim in Tel Aviv

Roy Pedersen

Get yourselves ready for a hat-trick of events in Tel Aviv during Purim 2017, hosted by iGaming Business, Tal Ron, Drihem & Co. and All In Translations. Below is the program for the day: 17:00: Friendly five-a-side football tournament at Goaltime Tel Aviv. 20:00: Party kicks off at Dizzy Frishdon (Dresscode: Strictly Carnival!). 21:00: Limousine transportation of […]