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2019 US Betting Guide

Get Fluent in American Betting.

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With the gaming and sports betting industries ready to capitalize on this new market opening, now is the perfect time for boosting your US betting awareness. We created the 2019 US Betting Guide to provide our readers with useful, up-to-date knowledge on US betting lingo, themes and trends.

Our guide gives an inside look at the specifics of the US betting vocabulary and culture, discusses the evolution of its business landscape – both audience and industry – under the unfolding legalization, and shares the best SEO and Content tips for US online sportsbook owners. The guide is FREE to download directly from this page. We hope you will enjoy reading it!

Summary and Download

Navigate Through the U.S. vs UK Betting Terms.

From an American football field to a London betting shop, punters can be quite different. We rounded up the betting terms and expressions to watch for when crossing the Atlantic, as they are used differently in US and UK.

Know your American Sports Betting Audience

Once legalized, how popular could the sports betting become in US? How will this translate in numbers for the betting industry? We present important facts and predictions about the business of betting and the betting business in America.

US Sportsbook SEO and Content checklist

Mobile optimization, user geolocation, dynamic content, UX trends, long-tail keywords and more: Check out our SEO Do’s and Don’ts and Content Mantras to hit your target audience while growing your US sports betting service.

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2019 US Betting Guide

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