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Author: Nicolas Morel

Crypto – not cryptic!

Man holding a cup against the wall trying to understand a sales pitch

How to make a sale, even when nobody understands what you’re selling.

Killing it with confidence is easy when your product or service is globally understood – but what happens when your audience can’t understand your mission? Having people understand the way things work and the way things should be done becomes a far more complex matter – mostly because there’s a pool of information laced with technical words that just don’t correspond with our active vocabulary. Language is our main means of communication, but not everyone has the same language skills.

This is where individuals working in marketing and sales need to choose the right words in hope of striking the right chords with their audiences. The task is particularly challenging when working in business sectors where the semantic field is complex, technical and strays away from common knowledge. The cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors are good examples of this, where a regular business chat evolving around ledgers, forks, ICOs and mining is about as inextricable to regular folks as German-language opera to Korean pop-music aficionados. How can you get your message across to the non-insiders and educate or convince them about a new product, new technology? We attended the Malta Blockchain Summit with a special ‘Crypto – not cryptic’ challenge up our sleeves to gather some winning strategies.

Do it with confidence

Communicating with confidence is the first step in setting your brand one step above the rest – believing in your solution is the best way to get others on board. If you are promoting a new venture in a secure industry, like blockchain for example, your ambassadors will need to be well versed in the company’s plans and mission when they represent your new adventures.

Marko Jelen from Moon Rock Casino showed a great example of a composed and confident pitch during our challenge at the Malta Blockchain Summit:

Delving deep into a subject and understanding the core principles are two factors that inspire confidence in people. Show your audience you know what you’re talking about and that you fully believe in your service or product.

Go back to the roots

Strategy is probably the first route you’ll need to take when delivering high quality content on a niche product. Studying your market with an in-depth competitor analysis, sussing out the relative keywords to support your content and finding the balance between a forward attitude and intrusive mentality will need to be your priority.

It’s equally hard to sell an over-confident pitch in comparison to a weak-willed proposal. Treat your clients as pitches; start off by understanding the root of their experiences, find the gap that you product is filling and your customers will appreciate your company’s effort to suiting their needs. Ultimately, you need to win your clients over with your charm, talent and overall beneficial qualities with a solid strategic element that fires up your sales.

Back your message with facts

In this information clustered world there’s no saying who the oracle of truth is and sometimes it’s even harder to decipher who the phonies are. Back you material up with facts; if you’re talking about cryptocurrency and the benefits of your provider it’s vital to support your arguments with facts. The more captivating and visual the measures the more effective they will be.

Think about the perks of your service or product and tell your audience what makes you a good competitor in the field by making comparisons to other well-established and highly recognisable companies.

Keep it on the friendly side

Tokenomics is the in-thing at the moment; so a great way to deliver your message and sell more is to be friendly. Keeping a positive attitude and cracking a smile in real life will keep your interactions as genuine as possible. Wanessa Rossiter from Bleutrade managed this part perfectly during our challenge:

Your cheery smile and bright eyes will not translate into the text you are delivering as easily as body language but it’s quite easy to establish a positive tone in your writing, visuals and other interactive media. Take that crypto-token you’re ready to launch and give it life in the way it is marketed – make it something people look out for. There’s no shame in believing in your company’s efforts, it’s a highly positive attribute that helps to keep the ROI on a steady upward rise. Give the blockchain industry viewers’ eyes something easy to look at. Make them feel safe, make them feel as though they can trust you. This is all done by explaining your KYC and AML procedures in a user-friendly way – hitting hard on the pros you offer.

Perfect your (sales) technique

As in all aspects of a business, knowing the technicalities of a job makes the process far easier. Understanding the dos and don’ts of sales gives you the right framework to guide your clients into making the best choices. Understanding more about the sales’ key moments, such as the approach, the handling of objections and the closing, will give you the upper hand and in turn make your job a whole lot easier.

Choose the right words

Ultimately, all the above is done by choosing the right words. Clarity, structure and a certain amount of boldness is what gets your message through – crystal clear. If the nifty new blockchain technology you’re sporting is heavy on swift and transparent transactions; give it a mention and make it clear to your users how great this is. Toralf Lahs performed particularly well in presenting his business in a clear way, which gave him the win in our challenge:

There are so many ways to get your important news across in an effective manner. Tone of voice is an important element that needs to come into play when you are delivering content and going live with your words. Play the market wisely, choose the right tone for every platform. Social media and traditional media are so different from one another – the way we speak on each social platform plays such a vital role in our conversion rate.

Writing copy that sells is generally the most important part of a marketing campaign; this is what gets your clients to fully believe in your service or product, and even though a picture speaks a thousand words, there’s nothing more reassuring than a well-researched document. Keep it concise, be thorough and instigate trust in your word.

Still struggling to convey your message? “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” No matter how big a Steve Jobs fan you are; you have to give Bill Gates some credit for his constant success in the technology world and this no-nonsense quote. This quote gives us a whole new perspective to dwell upon – unhappy customers. The more we sell, the more customers we will face and of course pleasing everyone is not entirely possible but learning from their complaints will help you refine, improve and finetune the way you present and explain your offer until it gets perfectly understandable to most of them.

Selling a product or service that nobody understands requires confidence, super strategical roots, a fact-pumped explanation delivered in a friendly and attractive way with bundles of clear content that’s ready for the kill. Working with experts such as All-in Translations will help you find the balance between accurate language choice and technical wording that will boost sales. Contact us to start building an effective value proposition for your product or service.

Supernova CS:GO – the Pro Esports Tournament taking Malta to the Next Level

SuperNova Esports Tournament in Malta

All-in Translations CEO Tiago Aprigio talks to the event organiser Nicolai Gauci about his plans for esports on the island.

When Counter Strike with your mates goes PRO and the cash prize pool is a roaring $150,000 – you know there’s something to read on about… we recently saw the end of a mega event take place on Maltese shores. We’re referring to none other than the Supernova CS:GO Malta – a grand Pro esports tournament that was recorded as the biggest of its kind to date in Malta. It took place at the InterContinental Arena in St Julian’s from the 29th November till the 2nd December.

Throughout the event, a number of elite teams such as Kinguin, Virtus.Pro, Tyloo and Gambit and Hell Raisers competed in the 8 teams tournament. Third place went to the German team, Big. Runners up NRG was headed by IMAPET, the American Counter-Strike Global Offensive analyst and coach who were taken down a peg by champions Liquid from the USA who took home the prize pool of $150,000.

While the teams working towards Xbox or PS perfection go through vigorous training to get to their level of performance; there’s also a bundle of info to get your hands on when understanding the esports sector. How does this fit in to the iGaming industry in Malta?

All-in Translations CEO Tiago Aprigio attended the event to discuss the future of the esports gaming scene and industry on the island with Nicolai Gauci the CEO of Quickfire, an online community of gamers who come up with new bold ideas in the esports industry. Nicolai’s involvement in Supernova was huge – he organised the event and is working hard to give Malta the exposure it needs to help the industry grow. Apart from the overall success of the event, Nicolai shared that “this is like a learning curve for Quickfire – to keep on producing more of these events here in Malta.”

As the industry grows so does esports’ connection with the betting industry. CEO Tiago Aprigio commented that gaming has been around since the 70s, with arcade games, consoles and home PCs creating opportunities for gamers to play their favourite games with the click of a button, with the perspective of massive growth in coming years and the potential for betting to find its way into the industry. Nicolai commented, “Betting is everywhere, we work closely with betting and betting companies,” he also added that this new vertical is made up of a totally different community of gamers who are interested in “building loyalty with betting companies” and service providers such as All-in Translations. Supernova created the opportunity for a whole new niche to enter the market; giving Malta a new title as the esports island.

As Malta is fast becoming the top Gaming destination in the world and with esports taking flight so steadily and swifty, the hosting of this tournament was paramount to the local industry’s growth. November is synonymous with SiGMA in Malta, the self-proclaimed (and rightly justified) ‘quintessential iGaming destination’ on the island with events focused around networking, in-person exchanges with the latest outreach systems on the island. These two assets go hand in hand – the esports industry is growing and Malta’s iGaming presence is on the rise so it totally makes sense for the online gaming experts at All-in Translations to rub their hands together in utter delight.

All-in Translations is a language service provider that caters to the gaming industry and a proud sponsor of Boavista FC Esports team. Contact us to benefit from our expertise in creating and translating high quality content for your esports team, events and brand.

7 Counter-intuitive Ways to Nail your iGaming Website Translations

A smartphone taking a picture of a hand metaphorically holding the iGaming Content world

Knock it out the park with top website translation tips that are sure to give your iGaming content that winning edge.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to slam out killer content translations? There are a number of basic tools we can use to keep our content fresh and translate with ease – here you will discover 7 counter-intuitive ways to nail your gaming translations with language tips, professional manpower advice and top content management precautions.

#1 – Translations start in one language

Translations have to start somewhere. There’s usually a root of knowledge that feeds your team and generates stellar content. The key language here is English, seeing as it generally serves as the common language for most translators. Get your primary source of information to a super high level for all gamers seeking key info to compliment their online adventures, supply them with a good stream of knowledge.

Content is king – no matter how cliché that might sound; it’s true. Everything you publish needs to be juicy, it needs to have steady legs to stand on and a loud voice to follow. When reading an iGaming website, be it a blog, a ‘How-To’ instruction page or even a game listing, pro-gamers and newbies to the dynamic industry need to fully understand what they’re going in for. Give details, make things clear. Use language that is easily translated into other languages. Even though English is the general language adopted by most internet users, most readers will prefer to read content in their own language to fully understand what they’re reading.

#2 – Don’t keep it in the family

Give your business some serious man-power by equipping your team with a myriad of pros who can help to elevate your content. Choose translators who aren’t directly involved with the daily operations of the business to provide a critical eye and outward thinking attitude. Being selective with your team members keeps your tone, voice and image as cohesive as possible; so work in small numbers and only choose translators who are familiar with gaming terms and procedures.
Eagle flying under the sun looking for professional translators to produce high quality translations
The pros are out there, somewhere, and although they may be rare to come across and cost you a bit more than usual, they’re worth every penny. Set your budgets for translation projects and invest in people with a firm head on their shoulders. Sometimes biting the financial bullet will get you a higher return on investment than skimping out on a couple of hundreds for major projects with high potential.

#3 – Fluency does not equal accuracy

Fluency and accuracy are two terms often confused in the world of content and clearly understanding the two will make your translations a whole lot easier. Fluency refers to the speed and confidence a non-native speaker understands a foreign language while accuracy is the precision taken in choice of words, phrases or other forms of communication.

Keep things local, if you’re hoping to hit the UK link your content to British nuances but if you’re looking to target the Americans, thrown in some US references – everyone likes to feel that they belong. The Premier League is totally different from the American Soccer League and therefore need to be tailored in completely different ways. Whether you’re rooting for Harry Kane or sounding your horn to Zlatan Ibrahimović; you’ll want to place your bets based on the right info.

Furthermore, language portability is something translators in the gaming industry need to keep in mind. The differences in language from Parisian French to standard French are miniscule, and would be easily understood by all French speakers across the globe but the English language for example, takes on different styles and needs to be localised for optimised reader-experience. The same goes for the Dutch and Flemish languages when thinking of Belgium and the Netherlands for instance.

#4 – It’s okay to be late

Going live with inaccurate material can cause quite a situation for your company. As content creators, it is vital to launch material only when you are confident that everything is up to standard. It’s OK to delay your launch date rather than to risk going live with a website riddled with errors. Website development projects are constantly changing – sometimes due to technical improvements and other times because of content changes or structural improvements. In the fast-paced gaming industry some of this may even be unplanned.
Runner stretching on a bridge representing translators flexibility and readiness for changes in deadlines
Translators need to be flexible and accepting of changes that may delay deadlines. The most important thing to keep in mind here is to make sure your team of translators work on the final and in-context version that’s intended to go live.

#5 – Origins don’t matter

Native writers are mandatory in the translation business; using key language points with swift and snappy content is a must when publishing live material. Translators roots shouldn’t be a major concern though. Variety is important, it brings about different styles, new perspectives and gives Google’s algorithm a run for its money – and when it comes to gaming blogs or descriptions; there’s always need for differentiation and unique explanations.

The focus questions at the forefront of every writer’s mind should always include, ‘How will this writing style translate?’, “Will it leave a mark on the target audience?’ and ‘Does this style match the brand and tone of voice of the company?’ Three questions of concern that will ease translations and generate improved content.

#6 – Raise translations, not translators

Keeping numbers low is a pretty important tool when translating a major website project. Work with a small number of translators for consistency’s sake – this will not only give your brand a more cohesive image but it will also lessen the struggles of rewrites and amendments.

A smaller team ensures quality. This is mostly due to all the briefing and coordination that comes about when too many translators are involved. Translation agencies are your go-to when large-scale projects are expected for your brand. Their elite team of writers and translators can help to keep your tone as consistent as possible across all languages while their experts are well versed in the required terminology, content and style requested for the project.

#7 – Meet your new language gurus: The SEO team

Your content may be excellently written and effortless to read in a variety of languages, but getting people to read your content requires some serious SEO tactics. This is where an SEO team comes into play. Your translation project needs someone who’s fluent in SEO and can give your content the exposure it deserves.
A man and two women posing for a picture in a conference for SEO specialists
To climb your way up Google’s search rankings, the display of your website’s languages will need a proper URL structure. You will also need to think about canonical tags, language and regional markups. An SEO specialist will ‘translate’ all this in user-friendly terms and work with you to ensure search engines flash their green light for your website. Correct website versions based on user location, is an example on how visitors should be met with the right content; in this case the right language wherever they are in the world.

Apart from this, an international SEO expert can work with your language team to find out how your content keywords should be localized in various languages, giving your foreign website versions an extra SEO boost. We wrote an article dedicated to keyword localisation.

Working on translations may seem tough, but keeping these concepts in mind will lead you to a whole new vision on website translations. Get in touch with All-in Translations to organize your website translation project and access an unmatched depth of language and content experts all specialized in gaming.

All-in Translations Best Service Provider at the SBC Awards 2018

We sent a soon-to-return All-in superstar to lift a sportsbetting industry’s trophy above her head. Michele’s ready to roll again.

It’s starting to become a tradition for All-in Translations to nail the industry’s hottest awards as we added a shiny new one to our collection: The SBC News’ Best Service Provider! Walking up on the glitzy scene to accept the trophy was our Sales sensation, Michele – who’s itching to jump back into her business garb for the London-based ICE in early February 2019.

“We consider this award a strong recognition of the work we’re doing with localization and content writing for the sportsbetting industry. We’ve seen a massive increase in the number of clients over the last few years.” said All-in Translations’ CEO Tiago Aprigio.

Chairman Roy Pedersen had this to add: “Everyone knows that Michele was an absolute linchpin to the success of All-in Translations. The fact that we’ve kept growing with her being on leave makes me utterly optimistic for the future. What’s newsworthy is that she’ll finally return to join our dream team for ICE 2019 in a new role as Chief Commercial Officer.”

Last but not least, Michele delivered her usual whoop-whoop giggles with the promise of great celebration.

All-in Translations keep making the top lists…how about yours?

We’re extremely happy to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for the Best Service Provider at the Sports Betting Community Awards this year. Judges assessing the strength of each finalist haven’t required any VAR lately to size up the faultlessly scoring content and localization service we provide our clients with. Time to jump on board then?

Needless to say, we’ll treat the question with the highest objectivity possible — meaning: none. However many independent sources distinct from our Marketing department stick with the notion that we’re THE people to discuss business with when localized and creative content with a global reach is required.
In a matter of a few months, we got nominated for the Best Connected iGaming Service Provider 2018 at the Eastern and Central European Gaming Conference, won the big award for the Best Corporate Services Provider 2018 at the EGR B2B Awards, and now the fine folks from SBC have put us on their Best Service Provider 2018 shortlist. We’re hoping to get news of a triumph from them at the dinner ceremony, on December 4th.

How many industry recognitions will All-in Translations end-up with in 2018?

With an iGaming expertise stretching now across new sectors – such as sports, esports and crypto, a continuous business and geographic growth throughout the past two years, our double ISO certification, the up-to-the-minute QA process and Resource Center, all this getting ‘translated’ in a 4.5+/5 client ratings… well one could think this is the least the judges could do.
But can they actually do more? We believe the rest is up to you and a click on that friendly, tad curvy on the handles button below to turn all the public acclaims into a more private, business oriented conversation;

Once there, one of our Sales Execs, either Charlotte or Maciej, will help you understand if All-in Translations is a language service you can bet on. We already know the answer, so we would rather leave you on this cliffhanger version of the Alternate Close: Will you chat with lovely Charlotte? Or is it with Maciej you’ll have the pleasure to discuss your projects?

Best Service Provider 2018

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