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All-in Translations keep making the top lists…how about yours?

We’re extremely happy to announce that we've been shortlisted for the Best Service Provider at the Sports Betting Community Awards this year. Judges assessing the strength of each finalist haven't required any VAR lately to size up the faultlessly scoring content and localization service we provide our clients with. Time to jump on board then?

Needless to say, we’ll treat the question with the highest objectivity possible -- meaning: none. However many independent sources distinct from our Marketing department stick with the notion that we’re THE people to discuss business with when localized and creative content with a global reach is required.

In a matter of a few months, we got nominated for the Best Connected iGaming Service Provider 2018 at the Eastern and Central European Gaming Conference, won the big award for the Best Corporate Services Provider 2018 at the EGR B2B Awards, and now the fine folks from SBC have put us on their Best Service Provider 2018 shortlist. We’re hoping to get news of a triumph from them at the dinner ceremony, on December 4th.

How many industry recognitions will All-in Translations end-up with in 2018?

With an iGaming expertise stretching now across new sectors - such as sports, esports and crypto, a continuous business and geographic growth throughout the past two years, our double ISO certification, the up-to-the-minute QA process and Resource Center, all this getting 'translated' in a 4.5+/5 client ratings... well one could think this is the least the judges could do.

But can they actually do more? We believe the rest is up to you and a click on that friendly, tad curvy on the handles button below to turn all the public acclaims into a more private, business oriented conversation;

Once there, one of our Sales Execs, either Charlotte or Maciej, will help you understand if All-in Translations is a language service you can bet on. We already know the answer, so we would rather leave you on this cliffhanger version of the Alternate Close: Will you chat with lovely Charlotte? Or is it with Maciej you’ll have the pleasure to discuss your projects?

All-in Translations awarded best ‘Corporate services provider’ at the EGR B2B Awards 2018

In our exciting and often unpredictable iGaming industry, it is always immensely satisfying when things go precisely to plan. A few weeks ago we shared our strong resolution to bring home a win in our Corporate Services Provider category at the EGR B2B award; today we couldn't be happier to announce that our bold wish has been granted!

After our company was shortlisted for this award in 2017, we went one step further and have now pinned All-in Translations on the winner list, alongside many other great names from the 100+ prominent industry actors that competed yesterday night - many of them long-time clients of ours. The EGR B2B Awards are widely considered the most prestigious awards in iGaming, the fellow nominees present at the Hurlingham Club would have to acquiesce.

The thrilling news saw CEO Roy Pedersen take a break from the shooting of a mockumentary in Copenhaguen for to send us his congratulations, in presence of a very fine female bingo loving entourage.

This award, based primarily on business growth and quality of service, comes at a great time in that it validates our efforts and numerous successes over the past 12 months, such as our +27% revenue growth, double ISO certification, new Resource Centre and QA department that supports our 400 linguists and writers worldwide. Above all, however, the award recognizes our positive client feedback with an amazing 4.8 out of 5 overall satisfaction rates. You can read all the details and learn more about our motivations in one of our recent posts, in which we explained why we were going for the win at the EGR B2B awards. This was one month ago, yet a precise prediction on which even the finest bookmakers might not have set their odds very low. 

Whilst we continue to grow in every possible way, you can expect our focus and success formula to remain solid: keep providing our clients with unmatched excellence, expertise and passion that sets the standard in localization, content and SEO services for the global digital gaming sectors. We hope to share and celebrate this with you in person soon. Join us at the Amsterdam for iGB Live ( 17th-20th July, stand M18) or one of the many events down the road on our 10 years anniversary tour. Check our event agenda - or get in touch with Maciej!

EGR B2B Awards: This year we’re going for the win!

All-in Translations are really excited about making it through to the final of the EGR B2B Awards for the second year in a row.  On June the 20th, we’ll again see our name up on the big screen with the other nominees in the Corporate Services Providers category. Why we think we have a real shot at this has all to do with the quality of our language services and the client-centered ethos that we have built over the last 10 years.

Let’s ward off any misunderstanding here: we’re far from being trophy-diggers and we're not necessarily big fans of award-mongering flurries. Last time we got called on stage for an award, we were missing in action. Just like many other service providers out there, we compete for symbols of recognition for various reasons, among which the benefit of an actual win doesn't rank top of the list. We attend awards ceremonies mostly for jacking up our visibility and doing important networking, but equally so for the pleasure of chatting and hobnobbing with industry professionals and friends. Plus, the food is - more often than not - a very safe bet. However, the hierarchy of reasons for showing up at such events is about to change. Dramatically.

Non veni, non vidi, sed vici. Huh?

This year, we'll be approaching the whole thing in a completely different way. We’ll be the grand absent from this ceremony - no one from our team will be at the Hurlingham Club in London to enjoy the exquisite EGR B2B Awards night. Instead, we want to win - plain and simple. This is why we’ve set our hopes and focus on bringing this Corporate Services Providers trophy home. Even if this means getting it shipped to us by courier.

Based on the team calculations, a win is not statistically inevitable.

Just to be clear, our absence from the ceremony is just a calendar matter. We haven’t become sanctimonious about succulent dinners and the cracking jokes of host Alen Cochrane. Regrettably all the members of our usual event-attending gang will be quite busy with something else that night: Maciej is enjoying an annual leave and Roy is in Copenhagen shooting a mockumentary video blog for a client about a Danish grandma who is learning how to play online bingo.

The ambition of winning the CSP category is also a calendar-driven thing. The last couple of years brought us a great deal of success in making All-in Translations an ever-growing, trustworthy and relevant supplier in the iGaming sector. When reading the award entry criteria, we couldn't help but notice that the organizers had listed as judging standards the very same things we've been striving for since our inception 10 years ago: business growth, reaction to market challenges, reliability of service. With these three criteria in mind, we feel that our achievements – or at least our efforts – have been second to none in this category in the last 12 months. And having our hard work recognised by leading industry people makes it all worthwhile.

Homework done

Being aware that the quality of the entry itself makes also a fraction of what it takes to win the award, we’ve tried to take every advantage in showing the jury our strengths and motivations.

Growth: We pulled out some impressive figures for the last 12 months: +27% in revenue,  +15% internal staff growth, +29% in international footprint, and from 300 to 400 writers and translators working with us all across the globe. 

Reliability: We showed how our newly built Resource Centre supports our linguists in delivering consistent content aligned with our clients’ terminology and how our new QA department helps us control and improve our delivery system. We also uploaded our double ISO certificates to show that our processes are independently tested and comply with the highest standards in our industry. Finally and most importantly, we showed that our clients value our expertise and efficiency. Our stunningly high client satisfaction rates are there to further attest this: 4.8 out of 5 in overall rating, including 4.4 in translation quality, 4.4 in value for money, 4.8 in adherence to deadline and 4.9 in project management:

Challenges: We described all steps we're taking to stay a positive actor within the industry, from picking up the task of managing the Pentasia All-in League in Malta and reaching all time highs in support, participant and audience, to expanding our bailiwick to esports and crypto in order to meet our clients' evolving needs.

Will this suffice to raise the trophy above our heads this year? What about the tiptop rivals we are up against in this competition? Should the names in our category shortlist tame our enthusiasm? Furthermore, haven’t we gone a tad too lyrical in our final entry statement where we wrote stuff like “genuine passion,” “strong dedication,” and “firm desires” in the same sentence? For the latter, we felt that occasional soul-stirring style isn't off-putting when sincere and fact-backed. Regarding the rest, we’re gearing up for the showdown on June the 20th. Needless to say, we’re keeping a humble attitude here, meaning that nobody should neither resign nor get sued in case we’ll end up in the runners-up pool.

Tiago and Angela looking at our impressive growth figures.

Yet, we know for a fact that our explosive growth in the last 24 months was fueled by the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients. We’re talking about a trust that was earned with top-quality work and the highest levels of commitment and professionalism. This is something we normally prefer to demonstrate (rather than boast about). However these EGR awards leave enough room for doing a bit of both guilt free - since we’re celebrating 10 years of existence in the iGaming business in 2018.

Rendez-vous on June the 20th on social network to congratulate all EGR winners!

Previous award nominations and wins:

Summary, Pictures and Feedback Form for Pentasia All-in League 17/18


The friendly and competitive Pentasia All-in League is an opportunity for igaming professionals all across Malta to unite in their love of football. For its 10 year anniversary, Pentasia introduced All-in Translations as manager to the league, which was a responsibility we accepted with pride. The exciting Cup Final was organised on the 4th of May, followed by a lively after-party at Surfside (event pictures below!).

The league's final Friday could be said to sum up the season pretty well;

  • Fair Play is in focus. The moment it was announced that we would start organising the league we made it clear that we would apply zero tolerance to violence. The feedback received indicates this was a principle taken seriously. Unfortunately both teams in the final were missing some players who were abroad, but the ones that were able to play gave 100% and were in good spirits. It was a close match - perhaps contrary to what we were expecting after seeing GIGsters United dominating all their games this season. Betsson is the team with the most trophies in the history of the league, but after a 7th place in the league this year they were an underdog in the final. "The Moneymakers" took the lead after an own goal early in the game, but ended up two goals under in the 2nd half. Betsson came back and scored, making it 4-3 for GIGsters United, and just a few minutes before the end Betsson missed a massive chance to equalize.

  • Not counting some complaints towards the referee, there were smiles and fair play all around. Once the referee had blown his whistle, the teams shook hands and cheerfully posed for photographs, which was a heartening sight to see. Fast Track Solutions was handed the Fair Play Award.

  • The biggest hurdle we've encountered this season has related to all the walk-overs when one team could not make it to the game or failed to show. In response to this issue, and as a means of strengthening the league, we'll be introducing stricter rules on attendance when the games starts again in September. A particularly problematic example of this was when one of the teams did not show up for the bronze final. We'd like to think that a communication problem had them uninformed as to the correct time and date, as it is disappointing to other teams and us as organisers when a lack of commitment hold the league back. We are happy to listen to suggestions on how to improve this. In any case, the All-in Translations team and the team that did show up for the bronze final had a great time at the stands.

  • League Manager Nikola Mraovic and his team of referees did a very good job and have impressed us throughout the entire season. There were, as mentioned, some complaints concerning some referees, but actions have been taken and the feedback from most is that there has been a considerable improvement compared to previous years. Mr. Mraovic is positive to continue for another term, which is fantastic news for the league.

  • A priority for us was to enhance the social element of the league and that we thoroughly feel achieved this goal. We hosted three events, all promoted on Facebook, during the season: The Super Final in September, SiGMA Cup in November and the Final After-Party on Friday. These lively events facilitated a lot of friendly socializing and relaxed networking.

Special thanks to League 2 winners Betfair for keeping the party alive.

Smiles all around.

The jacuzzi might have been a bit more inviting had it not been for a cool temperature that night.

Pentasia boss Christopher Vella did a great job as the awards presenter.

GIGsters United goalkeeper Miki Laguardia got the award for most (missed) shots in the final 😉

The Pentasia crew enjoying some food and drinks.

Sales Executive Maciej and HR Manager Eolo from All-in Translations happy as can be.

Below are some pictures from the final.

World Cup Content & SEO Tips for Dominating the SERPs


The online sportsbook business is hugely competitive and, as the World Cup approaches, you may think attempts to overtake the top ranking bookies and affiliates in the SERPs will inevitably prove futile. But with a strategic approach, creative content plan and some basic SEO tricks, your online sportsbook can still attract visitors and rank well for converting keywords. There is a huge demand for interesting content that you still have the chance to seize and use to your advantage. Read on to find out how you can optimise your sportsbook content for World Cup traffic (or let All-In Translations do the job for you.)

1. Find an angle for your content.

Even the most exceptional content risks falling flat if the topic isn’t original. Your content might be the most comprehensive and engaging analysis of a particular subject on the entire web, but if the subject has already been covered to death by countless news outlets, sport sites, football blogs and online bookmakers then you’re going to fail to attract readers. With such an overwhelming amount of content produced on the upcoming World Cup, you might understandably assume that finding a unique angle for your FIFA 2018 content is an impossible task - we beg to differ. Here’s how you find your unique take..

Write about related topics
Do not feel restricted in only writing content related to your brand’s special offers or the sportsbook business as a whole. The best content marketing does not always seek to sell - sometimes it’s merely about informing and entertaining one’s target market, which works to establish brand trust in the process. A good blog will therefore cover a variety of subjects and sportsbook marketers should not be afraid to think outside the playing field when choosing content topics.

Conduct keyword research and localization
Keyword and search behaviour research will go a long way in identifying unmet demand for good quality content related to the 2018 World Cup. Consider the most unique aspects about this year’s World Cup and look at how these elements translate in terms of searcher trends. For example, through keyword and search behaviour research we can see that a lot of people are interested in knowing what type of goal-line technology will be used, whether Zlatan will play, if the matches can be viewed through virtual reality headsets, and where one can find a map of the stadium locations.

Finding out what people are asking about the World Cup will help you produce relevant content that answers their queries and therefore provides value, while targeting the long-tail keywords that will help you rank in the SERPs. Research how these questions differ between markets to localize your content and make sure no SEO value is lost in translation. Besides keywords, you should also be looking to incorporate LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) for more comprehensive and natural-sounding content.

Know that Google rewards a strong FAQ
Whether your content focus is on streaming, betting, news or analysis - creating a FAQ page or FAQ section at the bottom of your content can be a highly effective way to cover frequent search phrases and rank as a go-to guide for common questions on a particular subject. We believe a strong FAQ page is an under-utilized tool in SEO which could help see your rankings rise. How you determine which FAQ questions to separate between different pages, and which to lump together on one single page, will depend on search volume for each query, and how the questions are related to one another.

Optimise for rich snippets
Take full advantage of rich snippet opportunities, as this can vastly improve your click-through rate and site authority. Rich snippets refer to search result information that goes beyond a mere title and meta description. You’ll have most likely already noticed how searching for people, places and classifications can deliver different types of results in the SERPs - such as tweets, images, lists or featured excerpts. From the below example, we can see that have a rich snippet featured for the search query “which cities in Russia will host World Cup?”

Look at existing trending content for inspiration
What World Cup content is already trending? Study the content that gets clicks, shares and links to gain a better understanding of what interests your target audience. As we’ve already discussed - establishing a unique angle is important to stand out amidst the mass of World Cup content being consumed right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look to trending topics for inspiration and insight.

2. Ensure your content is exceptional.

Use expert writers
The first rule of creating first-class World Cup content for your sportsbook; don’t assign the task to anyone who doesn’t live and breathe football. A writer who lacks the knowledge and passion to write confidently and convincingly will fail to captivate readers. Instil trust in your readers by giving them the high quality content they deserve with help of a talented football and sports betting writer.

Localize, localize, localize
Don’t ruin a perfect piece of content with the kind of translation that makes a native speaker facepalm. You don’t merely translate content for a new market, you adapt content for a new market. In a specialized field like the World Cup, expert translations are especially important. Football terminology differs drastically between languages, and your multi-market keyword research will also reflect how different terms should be included for maximum optimisation in each market.

Think visually
Use colourful, eye-catching imagery to accompany your text. When you compliment your content with pictures carrying connotations of Russia, trophies and anything else widely associated with the World Cup,  you should also take care to attribute the images with relevant alt text to increase their chances of appearing in the SERPs for World Cup-based searches.

Stir debate
We may not yet know exactly to what extent Google considers social media engagement as a ranking factor - but we do know that social media matters. Your sportsbook doesn’t have to post something contentious to stir debate in the comment section of social media posts - but asking for opinions, alluding to rumours or making trivially divisive statement will elicit engagement in some form or another, whether through shares, likes or comments. A post that garners some traction on social media will furthermore increase chances of attracting backlinks from websites in relevant niches.

3. Promote and market your content.

In 2014, a lot of people were interested in the World Cup. Around 3.6 billion people, in fact, as this is the estimate of how many people tuned in to watch one of the matches that summer. Most of these 3.6 billion people will have casually tuned in because of the hype - but the rest? There is an astonishingly large crowd of true football fanatics who won’t miss a moment of the World Cup and are currently spending their spare time consuming as much World Cup content as possible. These fans will regularly return to the search engines in hunt for more news, updates and images. This is the time to tempt your sportsbook visitors with newsletters that promise to deliver the latest updates, betting tips, exclusive insights and special offers. Think carefully about what your sportsbook audience might want from a World Cup email campaign and aim to deliver precisely that.

Content outreach
Link building for World Cup content can be tricky for online bookies and sportsbook affiliates because of the time-sensitive nature of news or analyses. Fortunately, there is a large number of football and general sports sites out there that are willing to consider high quality submissions if you offer an article with a unique take or strong argument. We at All-In Translations can help get people linking to your World Cup content - contact us for tips and assistance.

As an online sportsbook, there’s no reason to not invest in a fully fledged, creative marketing campaign that seeks to capture the intense interest of football fans across the world. At this time, you should not only seek to offer your market the best betting options, but also the best sports betting content which, through demonstrating expertise and passion, establishes your brand as an authority in the business and instills loyalty in your audience.



At All-in Translations we ensure that the content you order with us is both well-written and well-optimised in 70+ languages before, during, and after the World Cup. Ask for a free, confidential quote.