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Join Our Battle Against Zombie Translations

What is the difference between a zombie translator and a creative, human gaming translator? Download our Zombie Translations Brochure and find out.
On the subject of zombie translations, let me tell you about a video campaign we did a while back.
General idea: To take the piss out of large companies who failed to translate product names and slogans correctly when they launched abroad. I do not want to reveal too much, but I can give some hints:
“Come alive with the xxxxx generation” should not be translated as “xxxxx brings your ancestors back from the grave”.
Soda Slogan Translation Fail from All-In Translations on Vimeo.
Does it really take a strong man to make a chicken affectionate?
Funny Commercial Chicken Love All-In Translations from All-In Translations on Vimeo.
Beer can cause diarrhea. At least when it’s lost in translation.

Beer Translation Funny Commercial All-In Translations from All-In Translations on Vimeo.
Thanks to Angelique Muller (idea + script), Alon Hattingh (director) and Alex Bundalo (sound) and everyone else involved.

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