The Cup Draw – Round of 16

Roy Pedersen

Leo Vegas beat TWIN 5-2 in the last league game tonight (Friday), resulting in the following cup draw (below). Matches start on 16th April and commences on 4th May with a final and bronze final being played at Luxol, followed by the awards ceremony and after-party at Surfside. RSVP and see all details here.

Round of 16:

(There have been a few corrections here since the original post, sorry about any confusion).

GIGsters United vs. Catena Media

Leo Vegas vs. Oceanwood

ZP Services vs. SD Services

Bethard vs. Aspire FC

TWIN vs. iGaming Elite (Betway has withdrawn from the competition and iGaming Elite gets their place in the cup)

Kindred (Unibet) vs. Betfair

Betsson Moneymakers vs. Tipico Skills

Betclic vs. La Famiglia

Below are the final league tables. Congratulations to GIGsters United and Betfair!

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