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Can I get a free quote?

Of course! Click the orange button top right or contact us.

Where are you based?

In Malta (Europe). Go to the Contact Us page for the exact address.

What are your opening hours?

10-18 CET Monday to Friday except for a few days during Christmas. Exceptions can be made when requested.

Where is your office?

Gardenia Court B, Triq Il-Mensija, St. Julian's

Do you offer certified translation?

Yes, but there are different type of certifications. Click here for more information or even better contact us.

What subjects do you specialize in?

Mainly iGaming, gaming, gambling, games, casino, poker, sports betting, bingo, social games, video games, mobile games etc.

What services do you offer?

Translation, localization, content writing, language candidate proficiency assessment and post-editing.

How do you ensure high quality?

Email us and we will tell you exactly what steps are made in order to ensure high translation quality.

How do I know that my material is kept confidential?

All necessary steps are taken, including strict confidentiality agreements with all our staff, to ensure the confidentiality of the material sent by existing, new and potential clients. We can provide and sign a confidentiality agreements also with our clients when they request it.

Do you translate anything else than iGaming?

iGaming is our specialty, but we can handle any translation request. Contact us with details.

How do you know that your translators are iGaming experts?

The reason why we are so successful is that we are very good at determining this. Careful selection and testing are key factors.

Who are your translators?

Our translators are highly skilled professionals and specialised in iGaming. As a rule, only native speakers of the foreign language translated perform translations.

How do you select your translators?

We only work with professional translators attesting passion for iGaming and several years of experience in the field. We test their gaming and translation knowledge and our Language managers test them before they are hired.

Turnaround times

How long does it take to get a text translated?

Our normal turnaround time is 24 hours or less for up to 1500 words, but when requested we can deliver even within only a few hours.

Can you deliver urgent projects more quickly?

Generally, yes. We are extremely flexible and always go the extra mile to keep a client happy.

Is it possible to request big projects with a really tight deadline?

It is possible since we are able to assemble a team of translators with a general proofreader who checks consistency.

Price and service level

How much does it cost?

We usually charge per word, and the price depends on many things. Please request a quote or contact us. The easiest way is when you have the source text ready and send it to us so that we can analyze it.

Do you give discounts for large volumes?

Yes. You can contact us and we can discuss a deal.

Do you have any minimum fees?


Are there added fees for urgent projects?

Not as long as clients do not take advantage of our kind nature. We have yet to add an urgent fee.

Do you give discounts for repetitions?

Yes, given that the format is compatible with our software.

Can a file be replaced should some changes be needed?

Yes, we are happy to help you in such situations but the price might vary and you might be requested to pay for the amount of words which had already been translated. Also delivery will be postponed accordingly

Are there fixed project managers costs?

In pretty much all cases we do not charge for the Project Manager work but it might happen in rare cases that if the format is particularly complicated and the task itself is elaborated, a fee could be applied, in which case we would inform you first.

Can I choose which translator to work with?

If you prefer a particular translator over another, that is fine with us. We can also provide test and samples for you to decide which translator you like better. If the client does not specify, we will use the available translator we view as the best option for each job.

Will I always have the same translator for my projects?

We do our best to always use the same translator for each client. In case of availability issues we will inform you and decide together whether to entrust the translation to a back-up or postpone the delivery to make sure the main translator works on the project.


What is localization?

It is the same thing as translation, but this definition is often used for translation of games, and localization also indicates that a translation is tailored to the locality of its target group. Go here for more info.

What is post-editing?

Proofreading when a text or translation has been uploaded to its full context. Go here for more info.

What format do you prefer to work with?

Generally we like XLS for translation, but we can work with any format and our project managers will give their advice when you submit the text you wish to have translated.

What formats can you work with?

We can work with any. Most common formats are Word, XLS, PPT, PDF, XML, HTML, properties, PSD, but we are open to discuss other formats.

How will I receive the final translation?

You can choose to receive it by e-mail as a soft copy, you can also receive it in the FTP folder or else you can provide us with the link to your online tool/archive and we can upload the translations directly there.

Can you translate texts directly in XML, HTML and PSD format?

Yes, and the original code can be kept so that you can easily upload the files. You can send them over and we will explain.

Do you translate a whole website?

Yes, but we prefer if you can gather the text in a document so that we can provide an accurate quote and give our best advice re: format.

What is a translation memory?

It is a corpus of text which stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs. These are used as aid to human translation.

How do you ensure consistency?

By using translation memories and termbases, and also by using the same translator every time the same client makes a request, as long as it is possible.

Why should I provide context?

Context is essential to receive a top quality translation

Why should I fill in the stylistic preferences survey?

Translation depends on language preferences which are personal. It is important for our translators to know your expectations and preferences while translating


What payment methods do you accept?

Bank transfer, PayPal, Moneybookers.

What are the payment terms?

We generally ask clients to pay their invoice within 15 days from the invoice date. An invoice is created at the beginning of each month, and all projects are added to this invoice.

Do you require payment upfront?

We might ask for partial or full payment upfront. Please contact us to find out.


In what languages do you offer your services?

60+ at the moment, but we can translate into any language when requested. Click here to see out languages.

Can you translate from and into any language?

Pretty much, but additional costs may occur when translating using an unusual language combination, in which case we usually translate into English first.

What is a source text/source language?

The text/language you translate from.

What is target text/language?

The text/language you translate into.

For translators and other service providers

What is your VAT number?


What is your invoice address?

Gardenia Court B, Flat 2, Triq il-Mensija, San Ġiljan (St. Julian's), STJ 1968, Malta.

Where should I send my application?

What should I include in my application?

Your CV, cover letter, personal and professional experience in iGaming.

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