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Hit Your Targets with Precise Language from (b)All In Translations

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Big international football championships bring plenty of new and returning players to the sportsbooks and their affiliates.

A lot of these players don’t understand English.  And even if they do, that doesn’t mean they’re hooked by what’s on offer: a recent survey* of 3,000 online shoppers across 10 countries found that 60% rarely or never buy from English-only websites.

This is why we are asking whether your brand’s translation and your multilingual content marketing are in place for EURO 16. When we say “brand,” we mean the stuff that makes you unique and special being spread across all channels, like your websites, marketing material, sponsors and social media. If it’s not ready yet, you can rest assured that the brochure you are holding will explain how this is an opportunity rather than a headache.

All In Translations stands as a market pioneer and leader when it comes to online gaming localization. Our exceptional skills and extensive experience have brought us clients like William Hill, Betfair, 888, Playtech, Betsson, Pinnacle Sports and Unibet.

Simply send over your English source texts and let us know your preferences and the languages you wish to translate into. Your brand’s message will be ready to hit all your target markets within 48 hours*. We work with more than 200 translators and creative writers in 70+ languages, and they all know how to explain the offside rule – so take a safe bet with us!

Speaking of safe bets… Have you seen the ad for Hertz Car Rentals where the phrase ‘Safe travels’ was translated into Swedish? Unfortunately for Hertz, they broke two essential rules of translation: Firstly, they used an amateur translator (or at least an uninspired one) and secondly, they failed to supply their translator with any context.  Result? He got one of the two words terribly wrong: he translated ‘safe’ as ‘the cabinet in which you keep your valuables’, like the safe in a hotel room. So the full meaning in Swedish became something like “money cabinet travels”. More translation fails here.

Now let’s say you intend to send out a newsletter in several languages offering new players their money back if they lose on their first bet in EURO 16, a so called safe bet.

An immediate question pops up: who will translate your newsletters? If you use internal staff with poor linguistic skills, or translators without gaming experience, you might end up offering your players something in the lines of a ‘EURO 16 Money Cabinet Bet’.

Faithful, accurate and attractive translations are a huge step towards building trust with your players. And when it comes to betting translation, we are the BEST you can go for..

*Source: “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: 2014”, a new report by independent research firm Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research).
**1500-2000 words per language

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