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How we work

It couldn’t be simpler.

Time to hang your old tactics up on the wall. With us, the way to your goal is as straightforward as Maradona’s goal against England in 1986. Our language pundits are your top players, managed by the best project management team the industry has to offer.

Our process in three steps:

1 - Translation / Localization

Shortly after your project arrives (with all the info needed to start it), our team examines your files and sends you an estimated delivery date and hour, together with a quote based on the amount of words to be localized and the language pairs requested. Next, your assigned project manager sends the task to a language professional that fits perfectly to your project and pass on to him or her any special instructions, stylistic preferences, brand guidelines or glossaries.

2 - Revision

After the translation/localization stage gets accomplished, our team of revisers steps in to perform a bilingual check of the localized text against the source. Revisers will carefully comb the text for mislocalizations, punctuation errors, inconsistencies, grammar mistakes, typos, currency, numbers and formatting. Changes are implemented where necessary. This revision step follows our ISO 9001 and ISO 17100:2015 certifications.

3 - Quality Assessment

This is the final check prior to delivery. Our QA Manager runs the localized files through our QA tools and verifies that everything is according to client instructions and that nothing was left unchecked. Final adjustments are made at this stage and both translator’s and reviser’s works are assessed. Files are then sent to our Project Management team so they can generate target files and deliver accordingly.

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Some practical information

Delivery: You’ll get your files in your mailbox within the agreed deadline. Files are delivered in the same format as they were submitted. Generally, we like XLS for translation, but we can work with any format and our project managers will give their advice when you submit the text you wish to have translated.

Opening Hours: Our normal schedule is Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm CET. Any projects received within this timeframe will be dealt with on that same day. Projects received after 6pm CET will be dealt with the following business day.

Response time: We typically reply to requests sent during our business hours within 2 hours – but it happens quite often that clients hear from us quicker than that. Your Project Manager is also available on Skype, should you require an urgent localization.

3 options to submit your files for translation and localization:

  1. Access our customer portal and create your projects directly in our platform. You’ll be given login details and will be able to manage the progress of your translation/localization project, reviews or content writing jobs. You’ll also get access to an overview of your expenditure and invoices.
  2. Send us the file(s) you need translated/localized via email at
  3. Enter our website and place an order using our ordering tool to request a quote.

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