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All-in Translations keep making the top lists…how about yours?

We’re extremely happy to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for the Best Service Provider at the Sports Betting Community Awards this year. Judges assessing the strength of each finalist haven’t required any VAR lately to size up the faultlessly scoring content and localization service we provide our clients with. Time to jump on board then?

Needless to say, we’ll treat the question with the highest objectivity possible — meaning: none. However many independent sources distinct from our Marketing department stick with the notion that we’re THE people to discuss business with when localized and creative content with a global reach is required.
In a matter of a few months, we got nominated for the Best Connected iGaming Service Provider 2018 at the Eastern and Central European Gaming Conference, won the big award for the Best Corporate Services Provider 2018 at the EGR B2B Awards, and now the fine folks from SBC have put us on their Best Service Provider 2018 shortlist. We’re hoping to get news of a triumph from them at the dinner ceremony, on December 4th.

How many industry recognitions will All-in Translations end-up with in 2018?

With an iGaming expertise stretching now across new sectors – such as sports, esports and crypto, a continuous business and geographic growth throughout the past two years, our double ISO certification, the up-to-the-minute QA process and Resource Center, all this getting ‘translated’ in a 4.5+/5 client ratings… well one could think this is the least the judges could do.
But can they actually do more? We believe the rest is up to you and a click on that friendly, tad curvy on the handles button below to turn all the public acclaims into a more private, business oriented conversation;

Once there, one of our Sales Execs, either Charlotte or Maciej, will help you understand if All-in Translations is a language service you can bet on. We already know the answer, so we would rather leave you on this cliffhanger version of the Alternate Close: Will you chat with lovely Charlotte? Or is it with Maciej you’ll have the pleasure to discuss your projects?

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