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Language services for the gaming industry
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Arabic Gaming Translator

Language Pairs:
English to Arabic, Arabic to English.

Native Language:

Bachelor's degree of Translation, Iraq.

Services Offered:
Translation, Editing, Proofreading, localization.

Travelling, press, communication, media, sports, poker, casino, tourism, marketing, e-commerce, administration, iGaming, gaming, online gaming.

Relevant References:
Trustful Games, All-In Translations.

About the Linguist:
Professional translator, cooperative, team player, good experience in administration and management, worked with tens of topics, wide understanding for communications channels and people management, beating deadlines.

Comment About To All-In Translations:
"I have worked with All-In Translations in a big project which I delivered in 24 hours, translating 11 thousands words in that tight timeframe. I needed the payment before the time scheduled and agreed upon, and they gladly paid me without hesitation, which expresses the size of trust they have in people."

Penman image Arabic_douracity_iraq.jpg

Location: Doura City, Baghdad, Iraq.

Static Google map for location: Doura City, Iraq.
Static Google map for location: Baghdad, Iraq.

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