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Catalan eGaming Translator

Language Pairs:
English to Spanish, French to Spanish, Portuguese to Spanish, Catalan to Spanish, English to Catalan, French to Catalan, Portuguese to Catalan, Spanish to Catalan.

Native Language:
Spanish and Catalan

Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting in Spain, Sworn Translator EN<>ES appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Services Offered:
Translation, editing, localization.

E-commerce, B2B, B2C, IT, gaming, online gaming, finance, legal, software, technical documentation.

Relevant References:
Williams Interactive, Fantoto.

About the Linguist:
A compromised translator that never misses a deadline and takes extra care of the texts produced. I devote as much time as needed to research so that the final creation looks like originally written in the target language. My 9-year experience as a project manager made me a customer-oriented translator capable of 'stepping on the user's shoes'.

Comment About All-In Translations:
"I have collaborated with All-In Translations since 2012, mainly for projects into Catalan. For All-In Translations I always work in tandem with another specialized linguist chosen by the company in order to guarantee a full translation, review and proofreading process of all texts produced. The staff at All-In Translations is always friendly, helpful and very efficient."

Penman image Catalan_barcelona_spain.jpg

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Static Google map for location: Barcelona, Spain.

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