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English (Australian)

On this page you will find information (scroll down) about:

  1. the Australian English language and the challenges of iGaming localisation.
  2. the Australian gaming market, particularly regulation/legality of online gaming.

The Australian English language and
the challenges of gaming localisation

G’day mate! The Australians have English as their native language, but Australian English is more different to US English than UK English is to US English.

The Australians have been entertainingly creative in their development of the English language, making way for words that do not exist in other English variants.

Examples are ‘Boomerang’ and ‘Kangaroo’, words implemented from the aboriginal language, as well as ‘Bung’ which translates into ‘dead/broken/useless’ and ‘Ankle biters’ which translate into ‘children’ – words created by the English speaking Australian population and now commonly used throughout the content.

For instance 'air conditioner' would be pronounced as 'egg nishner'

In addition to a different terminology, the Australian English has many grammatical differences. An example is the or/our spelling, e.g. in color/colour, where Australian English follows the British spelling (colour).

We should also mention the shortening of syllables when pronounced: An oversimplified rule would be to reduce syllables in words with more than 2. For instance ‘air conditioner’ would be pronounced as ‘egg nishner’ and ‘Why don’t you have a cold shower’ would “translate” into ‘Wyne chevva cold share’. You can find a good Australian dictionary here.

So how should you go about when localising your gaming products to Australians? Normal English can of course be used, but being creative and allowing a native Australian linguist to put a local touch to the texts would surely be efficient in terms of trustworthiness and loyalty. At All-In Translations we have Australian writers and translators, with extensive experience from gaming, on our team.

In gaming related terminology, the most significant difference in Australian English from other English variants is the use of ‘pokies’ instead of ‘slot machines’.

Status and potential of the
Australian online gaming market

The first thing that should be said about gaming in Australia is the popularity of the pokies. The pokey machine is an Australian variety of the slot machine, and there are about 200,000 pokies around the Australian continent. Pokies are also immensely popular online, as is other casino games, horse racing and sportsbetting.

In 2012 the Australians gambled for nearly $20 billion - more per capita than any other country in the world.


In 2012 the Australians gambled for nearly $20 billion – more per capita than any other country in the world. The popularity of the pokies is actually considered a major problem in Australia, and a parliamentary committee is looking for remedies to problem gambling. Online gaming companies targeting Australian players are well advised to comply with local guidelines for responsible gambling. e.g. self-excluding programs.

Australian gambling operators are under strict rules in regards to what they can offer and not, but citizens are largely allowed to do what they want with the own money. The short answer is that Australians are allowed to bet online.

Australia infographic
Some general notes about the data:
These infographics were made in May 2014, and the data used is as recent as we could find. We have tried to find sources with data for all or many countries, in order to increase the value of comparison, but obviously this is not always possible. We encourage users to check the sources below or to contact us for clarification.

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