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Gaming is very popular among the Flemish people. The Belgian coastline boasts several big casinos, but that is not the only place where the Flemish gamers play. There are countless bars that have slot machines and that organize poker tournaments. Many companies have their regular casino evenings. The story is the same everywhere: Whenever people gather to play poker, roulette, blackjack or to watch a sports game, one of the main conversation topics is about online gaming, which has become increasingly popular during the last couple of years, especially online poker.

The average Flemish “gaming person” frequently uses English gaming terms during conversations or when having discussions on forums. That is why the optimal Flemish translations of texts regarding gaming should frequently contain English iGaming terminology, because a Flemish equivalent for a certain term would sound rather silly, unattractive and very unprofessional. In other words one of the key aspects to an attractive and accurate Flemish games localisation is the good use of Anglicism.

Winning their trust with Flemish localisation

Flemish is not an official language, it is a variant of Dutch. However, that does not mean that the translation and localisation of a gaming website to Flemish is not important. A betting website may offer nice welcome bonuses or have the best odds, but a big part of winning new clients is by winning their trust and by making them feel comfortable. Flemish people are rather defensive when it comes to their native Belgian variant of Dutch. A big reason for that is the long struggle they went through to make their language count in their native country, because when Belgium was founded, only the lower classes of the people spoke Flemish and the language was not considered as an official language.

It took dozens of years before Belgian Dutch was considered equal to official Belgian French. On the other side, the Flemish people did not want to be part of the Netherlands, the country they share a language with; otherwise they would not have fought for an independent Belgium in the Belgian Revolution. That is one of the aspects why it is important to translate a website into Flemish and not only into Dutch. Even though both languages are considered the same, they differ in many ways. There is a reason why Flemish television stations almost always add subtitles to Dutch programs.

Informal Flemish iGaming translations

The two languages are almost identical when it comes to formal language, but when informal language is being used; it is easy for the native speakers of Flemish and Dutch to spot their native tongue. iGaming language is quite informal, even when you use the polite “you” (“u” in Dutch) form, and that is another aspect why it is important to have a Flemish version of a gaming website. Flemish people will probably understand completely what a Dutch translation says, but they will always notice the Northern Dutch touch, which might be a little bit disturbing for some Flemish people.

A Flemish touch, however, will be very much appreciated among the Flemish gamers, that have already clicked numerous times on the red, white and blue tricolour of the Netherlands to choose the language of a website in the past.

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