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Language services for the gaming industry
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Japanese Translator Specialized In Gaming

Language Pairs:
English to Japanese.

Native Language:

English-American Law (Constitutional Law).

Services Offered:
Translation, Localization.

Business in general, market research, analysis of economy, commerce, politics, laws, legal documents, communications, IT infrastructure, machinery, mechanical skill, medicine, medical/health care, biology, art, history, literature, novel, poem, manual for operation, newspaper/magazine/journal articles.

Relevant References:
PokerStars, Playtech, Betclic.

About the Linguist:
About 15 years have passed since I became a full-time translator. I have already translated more than five million words (English to Japanese), and a few million characters (Japanese to English).

Comment About All-In Translations:
"I worked for All-In Translations only a few times so far, but I hope to build good relationship with them through my workmanship and unstinting efforts paid for their projects."

Penman image Japanese_hiroshima_japan.jpg

Location: Hiroshima, Japan.

Static Google map for location: Hiroshima, Japan.

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