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On this page you will find information (scroll down) about:

  1. The Japanese language and the challenges of gaming localisation.
  2. The Japanese gaming market, particularly regulation/legality of online gaming.

The Japanese language and
the challenges of gaming localisation

In order to promote your online gaming site, however, you need to translate your website, casino/poker/sportsbook software, and promotional materials into Japanese, preferably by a translator who understands how online gaming sites work and know proper gambling terms in Japanese, because most native Japanese speakers do not speak or write English in their daily lives. Therefore, to translate your online gaming site should be one of your top priorities if you have decided to enter the market and want to see a maximum return on your investment for your gaming products.

However, there are very significant differences between Japanese and English; particularly in sentence structure, which makes it difficult to translate from English to Japanese, compared with other language combinations. Furthermore, no land-based casinos exist in Japan, making it hard for Japanese translators to choose proper Japanese translations for casino/poker terms. Therefore, translating casino/poker related materials into Japanese is not as easy as you might think.

We, All-in Translations, handpicked some of the best Japanese translators who specialise in gaming translation and understand the Japanese market, along with dedicated project managers to support your online business. Be it casino translation, poker translation, or sportsbook translation, we have what you need. So contact us today to discuss your Japanese translation needs.

Status and potential of
the Japanese gaming market

Without any doubt, Japan is one of the biggest gaming markets in the world as revenue of Pachinko (1) halls exceeds $190 billion dollars per year (2). However, almost all forms of gambling in Japan are regulated by the local governments with a hefty house edge, and the Japanese government allows online betting for lottery, soccer toto, and public sport for pari-mutuel betting with the official channels (3). Estimates show that the total online purchases (B2C) in 2013 was a whopping 11 trillion Yen ($108 billion), and almost 80% of internet users bought something online.

Naturally, Japanese gamblers are looking for a way to play outside of Japan. Enter: Your gaming site localised into Japanese. Japanese players are known for being particular about product quality. If you have your online gaming site translated by a Japanese translator who does not know about online gambling, the chances are that your players will not return to your site to play games again.

Which games are most popular in Japan? According to our research, roulette and baccarat are the most popular games among Japanese players, followed by slots machines. Sports betting is also popular among Japanese gamblers. If your online gaming site offers a variety of games to your players, we recommend you to translate these popular games first before you enter the Japanese market.

Japan infographic
Some general notes about the data:
These infographics were made in May 2014, and the data used is as recent as we could find. We have tried to find sources with data for all or many countries, in order to increase the value of comparison, but obviously this is not always possible. We encourage users to check the sources below or to contact us for clarification.
Total population:
Internet penetration (%):
Credit cards/person:
Smartphone penetration (%):
#of facebook users:
Monthly average wage:
Average hours of leisure time per day:
Average hours online per day:
Total annual B2C online spend 2013:
Of people purchasing media and entertainment products/services, % used search engine:
Selling fact related to online purchases:
Gross Gambling Revenue (GCR) $/ Casino Gaming Market:

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