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Macedonian Translator, Writer

Language Pairs:
English to Macedonian, Macedonian to English, Serbian to English.

Native Language:

MA in English language teaching, BA in English language and literature- translation and teaching; Certified English to Macedonian to English court translator.

Services Offered:
Translation, Localization, proofreading/editing, transcreation, copywriting.

Education, legal, medical, media, advertisements, online games, interactive software, manuals, military.

Relevant References:
Travian Games

About the Linguist:
Expert command of English and Macedonian, detail oriented, capable to see minor differences, mistakes. Lateral thinking, proactive, resourceful and patient to conduct research and find resources for the best possible translation equivalent.

Comment About All-In Translations:
"I have done only one proofreading for this company and the payment was on time."

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Location: Macedonia

Static Google map for location: Macedonia.

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