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As time goes by, the gaming industry in Malta is expanding. A major advantage which Malta has to offer as a successful gaming hub is the fact that Malta is bilingual. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why the headquarters of All-In Translations is located in Malta. Most Maltese are bilingual, while the mother language is Maltese, the Maltese still speak and understand English. Apart from that, given its location in the centre of the Mediterranean, the Maltese language has been influenced by a lot of other languages, such as Italian, Arabic and English. This has proved to be an advantage to communicate and speak other languages, besides Maltese and English.

The Maltese language is still in the beginning when it comes to technology, science, gaming etc. It normally borrows or imports words from the English language. This means that in some cases some terms are normally kept in the English sense and terminology. The Maltese speaker however, is free to choose to write the terms in English or else in the Maltese orthography with the English pronunciation. For example the term “football” can be written as it is or else it can be written as “futbol”. Consider the following:

English: “Football is extremely popular in Malta”
Maltese: “Il-futbol huwa popolari immens f’Malta”

Both terms are correct, it only depends on the style and perception of the person who needs the translation. That is why it is important that the clients fill in the stylistic preference sheet.

Although in Malta there is no need to translate everything in Maltese, having a Maltese translation could be important. Besides appealing to the local general public, one could argue that the Maltese language is kept alive. As from the day Malta joined the European Union in 2004, the language has been officially recognised and acknowledged as the first language of the Maltese Islands. Many people are having their website translated to Maltese. Nowadays, medical leaflets and brochures are being published in both English and Maltese. Even local banks are having their leaflets translated to Maltese.

When translating to Maltese it is important that the translator carries out some research and keeps in mind some very important concepts. This means that whilst some terms may be kept in English, the Maltese word should ideally be used. Consider the word “game”, instead of leaving the term as it is in English, one would opt to use the Maltese term, which is “logħba”. Of course it has the same meaning, it is just a translation, however, it makes much more sense when reading a sentence in Maltese.

English: “The Swedes played a good game!”
Maltese: “L-Iżvedizi lagħbu logħba tajba!” rather than “L-Iżvedizi lagħbu game tajba!”

This means that a translator does not only have to translate all the words, but he or she has to see that the sentence actually makes sense!

The translator can also “create” a new word from an existing word. This is also called neologism. For example in Poker, the verb “raise” in Maltese is kept the same. However, a creative translator can translate it as “naqbżek” which is an existing verb. The translation for “first bet” can be “l-ewwel bet” but a creative translator can translate it as “tiftaħ” which the literal meaning is “to open”. Also, the term “fold” in Maltese can be kept the same; however an experienced translator can translate it as “inċedi” which literally means “to give up”. In gaming, the translator needs to be creative and not translate literal sentences, which can easily be done by software.

At All-In Translations we go that extra mile. We do not just want to translate your words or sentences; we want to pass on your message.

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