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Language services for the gaming industry
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Romanian iGaming Translator

Language Pairs:
English to Romanian, Romanian to English

Native Language:

Bachelor's degree in foreign languages and literature from the University of Bucharest, Romania

Services Offered:
Translation, proofreading, localization

iGaming, casino, slots, marketing, e-commerce, online gaming, literature, history, mechanics

Premium IT Technologies

About the Linguist:
A creative and effective language expert, with valuable practical knowledge in a variety of fields. With over two years’ experience in the field of online casinos, both as an in-house translator as well as customer support supervisor and account manager for an online casino, I have gained a unique inside view and know-how of the iGaming industry. As a result of my BA in foreign languages and my years as a volunteer in an NGO, I have also developed my skills as a translator of literary, historical, and environmentally-themed texts. Finally, I am a deadline-oriented and quality-focused individual with excellent work ethic.

Comment About All-In Translations:
"I have worked with All-In Translations for a few months now, translating and proofreading a series of projects. All-In Translations always show professionalism, are open for communication, pay my invoices in time, and offer friendly project management."

Penman image Romanian_bucharest_romania.jpg

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Static Google map for location: Bucharest, Romania.

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