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Language services for the gaming industry
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Swedish iGaming translator

Language pairs:
English to Swedish, Norwegian to Swedish, Danish to Swedish

Native Language:

Natural science, Sweden.

Services Offered:
Content writing, translation, localization.

Sports, football, handball, tennis, athletics, media, poker, casino, literature, newspaper articles, casino reviews, marketing, e-commerce, press releases, iGaming, gaming, online gaming.

Unibet, Titan, Betsafe, Betsson, Williams Interactive, Europa Casino, Betway.

About the Linguist:
A creative and efficient writer with a big interest and understanding of the mechanisms behind customer psychology and how to adjust the translations in accordance with the local culture; how to optimize the selling points by small creative language-adjustments. Hard-hit by a chronic curiosity for the power and impact of written text, the passion for literature and linguistics finds no cure. 3 years experience of working in-house at different iGaming companies both as a translator/copywriter and a poker expert.

Comment About All-In Translations:
"I have worked with All-In Translations since 2008 after being headhunted by Roy. All-In Translations has given me a lot of flexibility and creative freedom, something which has helped me develop both as a translator as well as a marketer. Head office provides me with the support I need in an efficient and clever way and - when appropriate - with a touch of sharp-minded humor; their problem-solving skills is impressive to say the least."

Penman image Swedish_gothenburg_sweden.jpg

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Static Google map for location: Gothenburg, Sweden.

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