Game Loving Macedonian Book Translator

Language Pairs:
English to Macedonian, Serbian to Macedonian, German to Macedonian, Bulgarian to Macedonian, Macedonian to English.

Native Language:

Bachelor's Degree in translation from Faculty of Philology in Skopje, Macedonia.

Services Offered:
Translation, localization, subtitling, proofreading.

Football, basketball, hokey, communication, sports, poker, casino, gaming, online gaming, betting.

Relevant References:
Net Mobile, several books and newspapers in Macedonia.

About the Linguist:
Positive and professional attitude towards every project. I usually play all kinds of games, from online poker (Texas Hold'Em), through RPG like Diablo II and III, Warcraft III Frozen Throne (especially Dota), to football management simulation games (CM, Premier Manager, FIFA, PES). My experience from these games gives mea better understanding which enables me to offer precise and inviting game localization.

Comment About All-In Translations:
"I have worked with All-In Translations since 2011 and they have treated me very well so far."

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Location: Skopje, Macedonia and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Static Google map for location: Skopje, Makedonia.
Static Google map for location: Sofia, Bulgaria.