German iGaming Editor

Language Pairs:
English to German.

Native Language:

Master of Arts (English/German/Journalism) (Germany).

Services Offered:
Translation, localization, proof-reading, editing.

Games, video games, gambling, football, travelling, journalism, communication, media, sports, poker, casino, iGaming, gaming, online gaming, IT, software, hardware, subtitling, movies, films, dvds, blu-rays.

Relevant References:
Betsson, Tipico, Williams Interactive, Focus Interactive, Capcom, Replay Games.

About the Linguist:
Professional linguist with over 14 years of experience in online gaming and gambling. Over 100 AAA titles translated.

Comment About All-In Translations:
"I have worked with All-In Translations since 2010, translating and proof-reading hundreds of thousands of words. They go the extra mile to ensure motivation and quality."

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Location: Lilienthal, Germany.

Static Google map for location: Lilienthal, Germany.
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