Romanian Translator, Gambler, Writer

Language Pairs:
English to Romanian, French to Romanian, Italian to Romanian, English to French, French to English, Italian to English.

Native Language:

MSci (Master's Degree) in Biochemistry, University of Bucharest.

Services Offered:
Translation, copywriting, project management, consultancy.

Automotive, gaming, igaming, gambling, igambling, poker, texas hold'em, hold'em, machinery, IT, consumer goods, applications, electronics.

Relevant References:
PokerStars, Playtech, Ash Gaming, Nation Traffic, Travian Games, Quasar Gaming.

About the Linguist:
Biochemist, journalist, translator, online gambler. iGamer since the Ages of Empire 1. Romanian writer proven in 10 years of journalism. Proven adaptability to do new jobs, and more than that - to new professions. Millions of words translated, half of them in the French - English pair, or other pairs not involving his native Romanian. Capable of translating large volumes within short deadlines.

Comment About All-In Translations:
"My collaboration with All-In Translations is recent, but so far very satisfactory for me. Special thanks to Ms. AnaÔs De Ketelaere for guiding my first steps in the very efficient online workflow used by AIT."

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Location: Bucharest, Romania.

Static Google map for location: Bucharest, Romania.