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All-in Poker & Pool Party in Bucharest


The Entertainment Arena Expo is the first event on a busy autumn schedule for All-in Translations. This Romanian international exhibition for the casino, betting and entertainment industry starts in Bucharest on the 3rd September, and on the final evening of 5th September All-in Translations will host a Poker & Pool Party for the expo delegates.
Admittance is strictly by invite/guest list.


On the poker table we will host a dealer’s choice cash game with Texas Hold’em No Limit, Crazy Pineapple No Limit and Pot Limit Omaha. There are 6 seats – first come first served. We will also have a waiting list running.
On the pool table we will apply a winner stays policy. Betting is of course allowed.
Drinks and some light food will be served. Hope to see you there!

All-in Translations is a market leading provider of language services for the gaming industry. Email or request a quote if you want our help to get your global growing going. Our services, which includes localization, content writing, link building and more, are available in 70+ languages.
You can see a full calendar of our 10 year anniversary tour here.

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