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Sports sector

All-in Translations’ romance with sports goes way deeper than the average fan. And that’s a fact. There’s not a single employee in our company that hasn’t in some way demonstrated that they’re incorrigible sport’s nuts.


A True Case of Football Mania

Boy, do we love football! For a start, Roy Pedersen – the brainbox who gave the world All-in Translations – is a
Football Manager addict, with thousands of hours played – and counting. Second, our squad excelled in the Malta-based Pentasia League, with back-to-back doubles in the mid-2010s. The love story then took a different path with All-in Translations taking over all league management responsibilities, thus changing its name into Pentasia All-In League and upgrading it to a finer version. Last but not least, football stays our #1 source of inspiration: we turned an event stand into a football pool table, we shot a commercial video in Iceland for the EURO 2016, we made a Three Lions’ video clip cover for the World Cup… And we’re just gettin’ warmed up!

Keeping our Eyes on all Balls

While recruiting some of the best football content and SEO experts, we quickly realized that their knowledge extends over a wide range of ball sports, from rugby to basketball to water polo to volleyball, etc. And having a team of sports-savvy project managers, we started sending language projects covering different ball sports. Our key focus is European ball sports, and we’re currently working with over 100 professionals spread all across the continent, offering localization and written content in 70+ languages.

Let The New Games Begin

Sport is changing and technology is shaping its future. Improving the game-day experience, tapping into new digital distribution models or winning back the millennials are exciting challenges for this sector to stay hot. And our job is to create content that keeps up with its pace. This is why we grew our expertise to cover all major trends that impact upon sports today: esports, blockchain technologies, betting revenue models or online gaming services. Whether your social channels target local fans micro-moments or you’re building the next coin-based PPV platform, we’ll make sure your content rises above the noise and reads natural in any language.






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