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Content writing Malta

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When you hire someone for content writing in Malta or anywhere else for that matter, one of the first attributes you would look for is creativity. And if there is one attribute the content writers of All-In Translations possess, it is exactly that.

Maniac with a chainsaw

Content writing can be many things, and sometimes it is more important to convey a message which is trustworthy and reliable. But even serious press releases flows better when the content writer is creative both with their language and with their ideas.

A not so serious example of a marketing campaign in which we much enjoyed the content writing, was produced by Nike in 2000 although quickly pulled back after heavy protesting. The campaign showed elite runner Suzie Favor-Hamilton outrunning a maniac with a chainsaw, and the punch line was: “Why Sport? You’ll live longer”.

Content writing in 60+ languages

Our point is that as long as you know what effect you are after, we have content writers in 60+ languages ready to write the content that sends a message which conveys that desired effect. Our content writing headquarters is in Malta, so drop us a line if would like to meet us. If you are not based in Malta, we would be happy to set up a meeting on Skype or discuss your content writing needs via email.

A Malta based company called BAHN Group had this to say about our content writing service:

The articles delivered to our bingo blog by All-In Translations is perfect for us. It is written superbly, and we love the humour.

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