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Emerging iGaming markets offer huge business potential and you will want your marketing campaigns to work overseas as well. But if your goal is to communicate the value of a brand to a global audience, your content marketing efforts must have a focus on multilingual message.

Of course, translating your entire material is the standard option. But even the most accurate translation cannot have the same effect as marketing content written from scratch in a foreign language. This is why you have to provide content that is created in whatever local language your gamblers speak, not just English.

Localize your iGaming content

Whatever the language, what you need as an iGaming marketer is to publish relevant and attractive marketing content in order to build up trust and enthusiasm among potential customers. But what does ‘relevant and attractive content’ really mean?

  • First of all, your message must sound authentic, that is, it must be correctly and nicely written in the specific language of the players you are trying to magnetize. (A survey conducted by the Common Sense Advisory shows that online shoppers are much more likely to respond to web content in their native language.)
  • Second, it must speak to their immediate needs, engage them rapidly and fully. A soulless online marketing campaign is a lost bet and is not worth the sweat.
  • For your marketing content to be truly successful abroad, it has to be localized and adapted to the culture and traditions of your business prospects. Only a properly localized message can reach your target group on a personal level. This means that a big promotion, an ad text or a complimentary casino review tailored to the local culture will do a lot better than those that are just translated.

What do we offer?

If you plan to take your brand global, your marketing campaign can now be developed in tandem with our team of young and creative writers who are always committed to excellence. What do we have for you?

Our writers will never take the risk to play and experiment with your brand voice.

At All-In, we care not only about iGaming terminology but also about language in general, and we’re always doing our best to show that each language has its own personality. Despite their passion for wagering games, our writers will never take the risk to play and experiment with your brand voice. They all know how important it is to use the right vocabulary and expressions for each corner of the world so that your iGaming message really has the desired impact. That is why we use only native, expert writers with a passion for the gambling industry, local news and trends. Their work ethics, strong marketing know-how and high standards are at your disposal to improve your online performance in any iGaming market.

So keep in mind that multilingual marketing campaigns are the most effective way for brands to engage local customers in the global market. If you want to make your voice sound natural, convincing and appreciated on every continent, choose us to craft your message. We provide high-quality marketing writing in 60+ languages.

With All-In, you can always communicate without losing your assets across multiple iGaming languages!

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