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Language services for the gaming industry
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Language proficiency testing

Are you hiring language personnel? Test them first and let us be the judge of whether they are proficient enough to represent your company in a professional and trustworthy way, whether they are considered for a position as customer support agents, translators, content writers or in other departments such as marketing.

Why can we do this in a more competent way than others? Because all of our Language Managers are linguistic experts with extensive and profound understanding of the iGaming language.

A bulletproof validation of claimed language skills

We have provided language testing services to many companies including EuroLotto and Bet24. Our most prestigious client for our language candidate profiling is, however, Pentasia, also known as the host of the Pentasia C League – a well-organized football league for iGaming companies based in Malta. Pentasia is the biggest iGaming recruitment agency in Malta, if not in the world, and they rely on thorough screening of their candidates before recommending them for positions in various iGaming companies.

When Pentasia wants to determine the proficiency of job candidates where other languages than English are important, they outsource the language testing to All-In Translations. This ensures a bulletproof validation of the language skills claimed by the candidates in their applications. Speaking in general terms now and not about Pentasia in particular, you would be surprised to see how many candidates fail to display the language proficiency they claim to possess. And what we know for sure is that no company wants to be pegged as amateurish.

How does our language testing service work?

Clients that are looking for language testing services can either write the testing text themselves or ask us to provide it. This text is then sent or given to the candidate in question, and their task is to translate the text. The result is sent to us and we ask the language manager for the language in question to evaluate the quality of the translation. We offer this service for more than 60 languages, and all of the translators performing the evaluation are professional linguists with an excellent understanding of the iGaming language.

The test can be tailored according to position and preferences, and we always sit down with the client to find the best way forward before commencing, but we normally rate the candidates on their

  • general language proficiency,
  • knowledge of the Internet and iGaming language,
  • translating skills.

The evaluation is split into two:

  1. A percentage from 0 to 100 rates the correctness of the translation. We simply count the numbers of minor and major mistakes in terms, syntax, omission, structure and agreement, punctuation, and miscellaneous. The number of minor and major mistakes is reflected against the number of words in the translated text, and gives a percentile indication of the accuracy of the candidate. We will suggest a percentage which will distinguish those who pass from those who fail, but this can be customized according to the preferences of the client and the type of position the candidate is being tested for.
  2. The second part of the language testing evaluation is given as a written text where the evaluators sum up their impression of the proficiency of the candidate. Is the candidate a native speaker? Is the candidate fit for professional linguistic tasks within an iGaming company? Can texts from this candidate be published without proofreading and/or editing? This will give an elaborate indication of whether the candidate should be hired based on their language proficiency.

This can all be delivered at very reasonable prices and with a 24 hour delivery.

Contact us now to discuss further.

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