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Proofing/editing your work

On this page, you can find information about the proofreading and editing services which we offer in those situations when the translation is carried out and delivered by the client, i.e. when texts have not been translated by us.

We are confident of the skills and quality of all our translators, and this is the reason why we can offer a standard low price when we have taken care of the translations ourselves. However, it becomes a little more relative when the translations are delivered to us by the client, whereas they ask us to proofread, since we obviously cannot foresee the quality of these translations.

Therefore, we will always ask to see the actual translation before giving a price for proofreading texts which have not been translated internally by us. After a quick estimation of the quality of the translation, we will be able to give you an exact quote. The price will depend on the amount of work we would have to invest in order to make the original translations look presentable. We use two categories, depending on the quality:

Category 1: Proofreading

If the quality of the original translation is good, we will categorize it as ‘normal proofreading,’ which is cost-effective. This involves looking through the text, correcting mistakes, checking terms and giving the text a better flow. There will be occasional rewriting of sentences or paragraphs, but the original syntax will usually remain more or less intact.

Category 2: Editing

If the quality of the original translation is poor, our job is to make it good. In these cases, we categorize the job as ‘editing.’ A job like this involves a lot of rewriting, in order to make sure the flow and readability are good, all terms are used adequately, mistakes are avoided and punctuation is correct. This is obviously much more time-consuming than standard proofreading. In some rare cases, this task will be even more time-consuming than an actual translation, in which case we would recommend to translate the text from scratch.

Bottom line: If you are unsure of the quality of your translations, send them to and our project managers will ask one of our language managers to review the quality for you and give our professional opinion and a free quote. Only then you can rest assured that the translations on your site are accurate, attractive and representable for your brand.

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