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Proofreading your source texts

In the terminology of translation services, a ‘source text’ is the text which is translated into other languages. Some companies have in-house professional native speaking content writers and take the necessary steps to ensure quality of their source texts by proofreading them before they are published or sent for translation. If this is the case, we salute you, and there is no need to keep reading this article, although we would like to remind you that we offer translation, localization, content writing and language proficiency testing in 60+ languages.

But since you are still reading, we assume that you are interested to learn more about proofreading of your own source texts. We strongly recommend this for any company who does not have native speaking content writers or does not proofread their source texts before publishing them or sending them to be translated. After many years of experience with gaming translations, we have learned that the best end result is reached when this step is included in the workflow.

The advantages should be obvious, but allow us to summarize:

1. Avoid awkwardness by using natives

Non-native speakers usually fail to offer good quality source texts. It is a fact of life that people’s language skills are considerably stronger in their mother tongue. There are, of course, exceptions to this, also known as truly bilinguals, but they are quite the “rare birds”, so to speak. Many gaming companies use non-native speakers when writing, for example, their English content, and we can often guess the author’s language just by reading a few sentences. If you are a native speaker of another language than English, your vocabulary will be rather limited, and since your mother tongue has a different syntax, the flow and readability of the produced text will often be awkward.

2. Great rates for source text proofreading

If you proofread your source texts which is afterwards translated by us, we can offer great rates. Sending good source texts instead of bad source texts to our translators will simply save us a lot of time. For this reason, we encourage companies to have their source texts proofread by us by offering very low rates, which are approximately one fourth of the price.

3. Make your translations sound like written texts

When the source text is of good quality, it is much easier for the translators to deliver first-rate translations. We always aim to produce translations which do not sound like translations, and it is our strong opinion that they should rather sound like written texts in all languages.

4. A no-brainer!

Now let us sum everything up with an example, just to make it clear how little this will cost you:

You want to translate 1000 words from English into 10 other languages. Our standard price per word for translation is €0.14, which would give you a total price of €1400. To proofread the English source text would cost you €0.02 per word, and this would give a total price of €1400 for proofreading + translation. This would ensure improved quality for all 11 languages.

A no-brainer if you ask us!

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