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Reviewing and QA

Reviewing and Quality Assurance (QA) is a service different from proofreading and reviewing. It simply involves an evaluation of the quality of a text or a translation. If you would like an expert opinion before deciding to go ahead with proofreading or post-editing, you should ask us about this service.

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Reviewing and QA can be done in an easy manner or it can be done in a more complex way. If you would like to keep it simple, you can simply send the text you want to review (to and we will spend a couple of minutes verifying if the text or translation needs proofreading, post-editing or if it is good enough already. This is usually sufficient, and we offer this service for free.

If you need to evaluate the exact quality of the entire text or translation, we can perform a full QA. This is usually done when you want to know how proficient someone from your language staff is. In those cases, we perform an accurate language proficiency test for you. Click here to find out more.

Percentile indication of accuracy

If you have other objectives than proficiency testing for performing a QA, this can also be done. If this should be the case, we will have one of our expert translators go through the text or translation in question and count the number of minor and major mistakes in terms, syntax, omission, structure and agreement, punctuation, and miscellaneous. The number of minor and major mistakes is reflected against the number of words in the translated text, and gives a percentile indication of the accuracy of the text or translation.

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