Proofreading our work

When you order translations or localization services from All-In Translations, you can choose whether or not to have the text proofread and reviewed by a 2nd translator. We usually recommend that you opt for additional proofreading and reviewing. And since it is in our interest to deliver as precise translations as possible, we offer proofreading services of texts which we have translated at a rate which is either cost price or at loss for us.

Mutual proofreading benefit - low cost

The standard price for proofreading of texts already translated by us is €0.02 per word. An hourly rate can also be agreed upon if requested. We can usually deliver up to 4K proofread words within 24 hours during business days.

When we hire translators, we test them thoroughly, and hence we know for a fact that our translators hold the highest standards, meaning they have real experience and expertise about casino games, poker, sports betting, bingo, social games, video games and similar. In other words, the translations delivered will always be of top-notch quality. The original translators will proofread rigorously themselves, and we have a signed contract with all of our translators stating that a translation should always be proofread carefully both manually and by using an electronic spell checker. We also have project managers who will make sure the formatting is according to the client's instructions.

Proofreading takes time

However, it goes without saying that four eyes see better than two. So you can rest assured that the quality will be good, even if you choose not to opt for additional proofreading; but having a 2nd translator to proofread and review an already translated text is always a good idea. There is only one argument against additional proofreading: the time aspect. If two translators are to work with a text, it will naturally take a bit longer for us to deliver. We can, however, guarantee delivery within 48 hours of translations that are proofread by a 2nd translator if the text is less than 2K words, as opposed to 24 hours if the client chooses to skip the additional proofreading step.

We seldom get complaints, but when we do, we have a standard complaints procedure. You can read about it here.