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Give Your Content an SEO Boost: Keyword Localization

When you order content from All-In Translations, you can rest assured that we pay special attention to your SEO guidelines and ranking ambitions. Employing expertise we have gained from ten years experience creating exceptional and localized content within the igaming industry, we will;

  • Create high-quality, well-optimised content that helps you rank for the most relevant and high-converting keywords in your market
  • Decrease bounce rate through instantly engaging content
  • Incorporate keywords naturally and strategically without ever compromising quality
  • Provide SERP-friendly keyword localization that ensures no SEO value is lost in translation

 What are keywords and why does your site need them?

Google aims to deliver the most relevant (and high quality) results to its searchers. But it needs webmaster help in understanding what your site is about. After all, Google is a machine. Including keywords in titles, content, site navigation, URLs, hyperlinks, meta descriptions, alt tags and schema markup helps Google bots understand what your site is about – the industry on which it is focused, the niche it serves, the market it intends to target etc.

Today, Google relies on keywords a little less in determining what your site is about than it did in the past – but make no mistake, keywords are still important. However, keywords must be used thoughtfully and naturally. Google will penalize sites that over-optimise (stuffing keywords in every piece of text, link or tag they can find). This is ugly and unnatural from a user-perspective, as keyword cramming leads to low-quality content. The keywords you choose to focus on will depend on what you are selling/offering and some other strategic factors like market competitivity and long-term searcher trends.

What is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)?

Latent Semantic Indexing might be a scary sounding term, but in SEO it simply refers to the way in which certain keywords can be connected to others. Google is smart. Let’s give an example. Google likely understands that showing search results for sites ranking for ‘how to play crazy pineapple’ is also relevant to a user who searched for ‘crazy pineapple poker game rules’. These terms are connected, after all. Google’s increasingly sophisticated algorithms understand the relationship between ‘how to play’ and ‘rules’ in the context of a poker game.

 When you order content from All-In Translations, we will always incorporate any specified keywords or LSI terms at your prefered density, ensuring they appear naturally and strategically throughout the text. If your in-house SEO is busy creating disavow files or fixing redirects, then we can also undertake the keyword research itself. We can recommend both competitive and long-tail keywords, and localize these results for each market in which you want translations.

Keyword research will directly affect your content plan, which is why All-In Translations can offer creative solutions based around your most converting keywords. We’ll personalize an SEO content plan that includes suggestions on how to maximise benefit through effective content structuring and strategic use of  alt text, meta descriptions and meta tags.

Why is it important for translated content to include localized keywords?

Let’s say you’re ranking well for a key term that includes ‘slot machines’ for your English online casino, and you want to launch in the Swedish market with a translated version of the site. A translator who does not take into account SEO may translate ‘slot machines’ into ‘slotmaskiner’. Whilst this translation is technically correct, so is ‘spelautomater’, and searcher trends may show that people more frequently search for ‘spelautomater’ than ‘spelmaskiner’ in Even though both translations are correct, one keyword is both more valuable and more competitive. 

In another example, let’s say you are targeting the keyword ‘fruit slots’. One correct Swedish translation is ‘fruktslots’. However, searcher trends might reveal that it is nonetheless more common for Swedish casino fans to search the English term, in which case it makes more sense for a Swedish slot site to keep the English term ‘fruit slots’ even in its Swedish content. Clearly, keyword research yields different results in different markets because of alternate phrase usage and term popularity in each language.

Exceptional multilingual content shouldn’t have to come at the price of white hat SEO. All In Translations can help you get your website boosted in the SERPs. Ask for a free, confidential quote.

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