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Language services for the gaming industry
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Translation and localization services

Our most popular service. Delivered to the gaming industry since 2008, to the sports industry since 2015 and to crypto and esports since 2017.

Convert more with language

One of the most influential surveys* about the language preferences of consumers around the world shows that 55% prefer to only make a purchase in their native language and 53% feel more at ease buying in their native language. 60% rarely or never buy from English-only websites.

Let passion speak for itself

A lead will only go as far as trust goes. The tone and language you use in your communications determine how far that trust spreads. We only hire native speaking professionals with passion and knowledge about the sectors we specialise in, which means they will "speak" to your leads in a language they can relate to.

Get it right, right from the start

We recommend you to involve your language service provider (hopefully us) as early as possible in the localization process. This way, you will avoid pitfalls and rework later, meaning you will get no delays with getting your global growing going. With 70+ languages available, we are quick, reliable, and a highly trusted partner across the industry.

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* Common Sense Advisory study about the language preferences of consumers.

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