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Certified translation

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Certified translation is a field within the language industry which varies significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. A lot of confusion seems to arise when trying to determine what it means exactly that a translation must be certified or carried out by a certified translator.

Translation companies are well aware of this, and charge accordingly. If you request a quote from us and afterwards you request one from another language services provider, you’ll be surprised to see how much affordable our prices are! According to the research we have conducted, we are considerably cheaper than the industry standard, but the quality and reliability are just as good. We can also offer considerably more flexibility and faster delivery than the industry standard for certified translation.

We are here to make your life less complicated, not the other way around.

In our experience, the result is always the same: Certifications are accepted as long as they are genuine.

Certified, sworn, or notarized translation?

So how can All-In Translations manage to have the same quality, lower prices, more flexibility and faster delivery? Because we like to keep things as simple as possible. When you are in a situation where you need a certified translation, you are probably bogged down in bureaucracy already, and we are here to make your life less complicated, not the other way around.

So when you send a request for a certified translation, either if it’s a marriage certificate translation, a report card translation, legal papers translation, a birth certificate translation, or similar, we will not go into a complex discussion about the laws of certified translation in the jurisdiction in question. Some jurisdictions call it ‘Sworn Translation’, others call it ‘Translation with an Apostille Stamp,’ while ‘Notarized Translation’ is also a common term. There are probably other terms used as well.

Certified but simple, affordable and reliable translations

The bottom line is that there is no need for you nor us to research exactly which term is used for certified translation in the jurisdiction in question. After all, who knows best about all these things? The actual translators who work with these jurisdictions on a daily basis!

They can tell us exactly what you need, and they know whether they have the necessary certifications or not. If they do not, we will simply use a translator that complies with the requirements.

Every time we deliver a certified translation, we attach a signed document where the translator vouches for the correctness and completeness of the translation, for his or hers qualification to carry out the translation and that specific requirements for official certification is met. This way they can be held accountable, and consequently you can stay sure that the translation will not be rejected by whatever administrative department you are dealing with.

We charge a reasonable price per word plus a certification document fee. It’s simple, affordable and reliable. If you come to our office in Malta, we can even print it for you at no extra charge. Click here to see where you can find us and how you can contact us.

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