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Marketing translation

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Marketing is all about communicating the value of your brand to your current and potential customers. But when reading advertising, customers expect more than a smart tagline or a catchy phrase. What they actually want is to understand the assets of a brand. Or to quickly resonate with what you have to offer. That is why in marketing communications the careful choice of words, the tone used and the display of information are equally important.

What happens, however, if an international, non-Anglophone audience enters the frame of your marketing interests? What if your well-written and easy to navigate English content is not immediately intelligible or attractive? Should this be the case, it is likely that you will need to consider translating your work into several languages for a global audience.

Language expertise – not enough!

But translating marketing material is uniquely challenging. If the original, English material evokes the desired emotions and conveys the intended meaning of your message, so should the translated text. And for this kind of job, you need a qualified translator who knows more than language. Intimate familiarity with the target region and a good mastery of slang, expressions, and cultural niceties are essential. As we all know, there are frequent stories about marketing campaigns gone awry due to embarrassing mistranslations. (Remember The Dairy Association’s “Got Milk?” slogan, which was carelessly translated into Spanish as “Are You Lactating?”.)

Why All-In Translations?

Our team includes only translators skilled enough to retain the tone, style and message of your marketing content. With iGaming gusto and marketing know-how, they are ready to tailor your message in order to address customers in their native language. At All-In, we provide a wide range of services for all kinds of iGaming marketing campaigns, including websites, e-mail marketing translation, advertising translation, newsletters and international SEO. When you order a marketing translation from us, you’ll receive a culturally adapted translation that will not only read well in the target language, but will maintain all the nuances and subtleties of your target market’s geographic location. With us, your marketing message is never lost in translation.

When it comes to advertising and marketing translations, take a safe bet with All-In!

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