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Thrilla in Manila: Bill vs. Erica, the Build Up Montage

Erica Cheng All In Translations vs. Bill Beatty Calvin Ayre at ASEAN Gaming Summit Maila
Editor-in-chief of Calvin Ayre Billy Beatty and All In Translations’ Business Developer for Asian markets Erica Cheng could not have been more different as poker players. To make a long story short: Bill has poker-ADHD and Erica has never played live poker.
On March 23rd they will play against in each other when All In Translations is hosting the ASEAN Gaming Summit Official Poker Freeroll Tournament at the PokerStars Live Room at City of Dreams in Manila. First in a multi-table tournament for all delegates and then in a heads-up tournament.
But who is improving the most? In this Rocky Balboa style montage video you can catch a glimpse of what is happening in both camps.
Since Erica is new to live poker she is mentored to read people’s poker faces by current Swedish poker champion Pontus Magnusson. Bill on the other hand works on his patience and concentration through hypnosis and more. We see him struggling through a work presentation where he wants to think of monkeys playing drums rather graphs and keywords.
The winner gets to enjoy a weekend in beautiful Boracay…
while the loser gets stuck doing a Tequila Stuntman.
All In Translations Tequila StuntmanI know how to play. I just don’t have patience and tilt easy in tournaments. I get bored. ADHD is no Bueno for poker”, says Bill Beatty.
“It’s nice to be truly focused only on one thing at a time. And poker does that for me. The thrill and mental game are what makes a poker game interesting. I am more on the conservative side”, says Erica Cheng.
Bill and Erica’s places in the Main Event will dictate how many chips they will get in their starting stack in the heads-up. 1st place equals 100 000, 2nd place – 99 000, 50th place equals 50 000 (and so on).
EMAIL EVENTS@AGBRIEF.COM TO GET A SEAT IN THE MAIN TOURNAMENT (MAX 55). Only for attendees of the summit. The prize pool is worth more than $3K and includes a return trip to SiGMA Malta from anywhere in the world as well as a weekend for two in Boracay.
Our next video update will be when Bill and Erica are “weighed in” at the conference hotel on the day before the “fight”. Stay tuned!
Thanks to Pontus Magnusson from Casino Faktura and Casinojakten for taking part in the video.
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