Social responsibility

All-In Translations was established in Malta in 2008. Our biggest contribution to society so far is without a doubt the employment of more than 250 individuals around the world, most of which did not have any prior full-time engagement.

We are very proud of this contribution, especially because of the fact that there has been a global recession (according to the International Monetary Fund) throughout the years that All-In Translations has been in business.

Contributions internationally and in Malta

With an address in Malta, All-In Translations has employed translators, project managers, writers, accountants, linguists, lawyers, designers, developers, architects, cleaners, painters, IT-personnel, mathematicians and marketing specialists from more than 60 countries, including (but not limited to) economically jeopardized areas like Greece, Spain, Iceland and Portugal.

We believe that it is a great advantage for a translator to live in the country of their native language. For that reason, only the core members of our business are Malta-based. This means that most of our translators work and pay taxes in their home countries, which might not have been the case if they did not have the chance to deliver their services through online channels.

Every year on Christmas, All-In Translations hosts an online event for all our employees. This event is a combination of casino games, poker and sports betting, where we put a certain amount of money in the prize pool depending on how many of our employees are joining. We then allow the winners of the event to choose the organizations to receive the prize money on behalf of All-In Translations.

So far this has resulted in donations to among others:

We also try to contribute locally, and recently helped funding the production of an important Maltese drama film called Simshar.

Translations with integrity and fairness

At All-In Translations, we strongly believe in the old saying that “what goes around comes around”. We are law-abiding, have respect and care for others, and we aim to keep honesty, integrity, promises, loyalty and fairness as fundamental principles throughout our organization. Take a look at our company history to find out how we have practised these principles in reality.

All-In Translations has grown to become one of the largest and most esteemed companies in Malta, and with the resources we have gathered in terms of linguistic competency, we feel that we have the ability to contribute with an extraordinary project some day. So stay tuned…

Warm Regards from the All-In Translations team.