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Social responsibility

All-in Translations was established in Malta in 2008. Ever since, we’ve been committed to sustainable development in society and we take great pride in our contribution. We have identified a set of goals and areas of sustainability that affect both our company and society and we work on a yearly calendar toward their fulfilment.

Social contribution
Ever since our cradle days, we’ve been working in a close partnership with more than 700 individuals around the world and from more than 85 countries, including translators, copywriters, linguists, accountants, project managers, lawyers, designers, developers, IT consultants and marketing specialists. We offer flexi-time and flexi-place that allow our collaborators carrying out their work from abroad and contributing to local economies. Staying true to this principle, we only encourage the in-house executive teams to work from our Malta or Portugal headquarters.

All-in Translations has also undertaken to make annual donations to local and international organisations to reduce the number of problems afflicting society, such as:

Translators without Borders
European Cancer Leagues
People In Need

All-in Translations cares for the environment and has adopted measures to reduce our carbon footprint such as:
♣ opting for video conferencing instead of business travel for interviews and meetings;
♣ managing recycling stations, water filters and A++ AC units and reducing the use of paper, plastics and consumables to the bare minimum;
♣ running offices in central locations in Malta and Porto thus allowing our employees to walk or commute by public transport.

Diversity and Equality
Our diversity in the workplace is certainly our success factor:
♣ we offer equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, age, family status, disability, and religious or political beliefs among others and we only employ on the basis of competence, attitude and experience.
♣ we have a perfect balance of 50/50 between male and female employees in our two offices and the same applies to managerial roles.
♣ English is our company business language and Maltese or Portuguese aren’t required for employment.

Translating with integrity and fairness

At All-in Translations, we strongly believe that “what goes around comes around”. We are law-abiding in our business dealings, promote respect and care for others, and we stick to keep honesty, integrity, loyalty and fairness as fundamental principles within our organisation. Have a look at our company history to find out how we have followed these principles in practice. All-in Translations has grown to become one of the most esteemed and reliable LSP in the iGaming industry and with the resources we have gathered in terms of linguistic expertise and technical knowledge, we feel that we have the ability to contribute to an extraordinary project someday.

So stay tuned!

The All-in Translations team.

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