When Sports People Go BERSERK. #3: Lipreading for Adults

Roy Pedersen

We all know Serena Williams or have at least heard of her stellar tennis performances. Not to mention that her sinewy appearance immediately suggests that she could turn into quite the beast - if wrongly provoked...

Here's a heady video extract of Serena verbalizing her wrath at a female line judge during a tennis match a couple of years back.



Serena Williams

WENT berserk

AT 2009 US Open semi-final vs. Kim Clijsters.

against the line judge, viciously threatening her when she calls fault on a serve for stepping over the base line.

Since in the video we only see her aggressive gesticulation without hearing the obscenities, we're "translating" her outburst by lip reading:

(Same warning as last time: this contains strong language!)

"I swear to God I’m gonna fuckin' take this fuckin' ball and shove it down your fuckin' throat, you hear that? I swear to God! You better be glad, you better be fuckin' glad that I’m not... I swear!"

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