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Translating the Best Online Football Slot

With the Euro Cup in full swing these days, who wouldn't boost their zest for football by trying a brand-new slot themed around... the Euro Cup? And we're not talking about the average romp you're getting with the classics out there -- this is a whole different level of cool!

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The Euro Golden Cup slot is Genesis Gaming's latest marvel, recently unveiled for the online gaming arena to make sure all football fans are keeping their zing alive. The supplier is a regular and valuable client of All In Translations and so we got the shot at translating this ultimate game into 16 languages. As usual, we did our job with the best of our ability, making sure that our translations are up to the highest standards and even hosted the demo of the game back at ICE in early February.

Euro Golden Cup is already available to play on Unibet and ComeOn and we're betting our kids' college funds that this slot will get super popular very quickly. What's more is that the guys at slots-guide didn't lose any precious time and put Euro Golden Cup to test just to convincingly conclude that this game deserves all the superlatives you can think of. In their own praising words, Euro Golden Cup is "THE perfect football slot."

Needless to say, we're very proud we took part in this project with such an important client ranked among world's top suppliers of video slot content. With such wind in our sails, we're ready to translate the next fabulous slot and keep our name on the lips of many gaming suppliers worldwide!


When Sports People Go BERSERK #2


Last week, we translated Jonas Björkman's profane outburst against a Wimbledon referee in the first episode of All In Translations' When Sports People Go Berserk.

In order to honor Saturday's Euro playoff, the second episode stages a heads-up between the two most talked-about sportsmen in Denmark and Sweden. 

Oh, and once again, we should warn you about explicit language.

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Went BERSERK: Lord Niklas Bendtner
At a pizzeria in Copenhagen.
When his credit card was declined after a rough night out.

Subtitles are in Danish, and below is the English translation:

My card didn't work? What are you telling me? (...) No, no. That I can understand. That's why I gave you another card which works in absolutely all places.

The next part is not in the video, but various (unreliable) sources have quoted Bendtner adding something like:

Don't you know who I am? I could buy the whole pizzeria if I wanted to.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic's media appearances in the last decade were usually favorable for him, but after losing 2-3 against Bordeaux in March, the Swedish captain

the referee
claiming he was asleep during the game and lashing out against France in general, calling it a "shit country."

Since most of the cursing occurs in English, we translated it for the French-speaking football fans:

Réveillez-vous! On joue pas en amateur là! Réveillez-vous!

J'ai jamais vu ça dans ma carrière de 15 ans!

Putain de trou du cul! Je joue au foot depuis 15 ans, et je n’ai jamais vu un tel arbitre dans ce pays de merde!

Ce pays ne mérite pas le PSG! Le PSG ne devrait même pas être dans ce pays! Nous sommes trop bons pour ce pays!

To all of our Swedish and Danish friends we would like to say best of luck on Saturday - may the best team qualify and meet Norway in France next summer.