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Unexpected New Venture for All In Translations

All In Translations is expanding at a fast pace. Today they proudly announced the launch of an unexpected new venture – one that surprisingly does not have anything to do with their traditional portfolio.
The Malta based company normally focuses on translations for games and sports, but have now developed a tanning lotion with a special formula which allows all redheads out there to get a tan with no risk of getting a sunburn.
The recipe is a closely-guarded and well-kept secret, but it has been revealed that this new redhead tanning lotion contains Aloe vera and beta-Carotene.
All In Tanning Lotions for Redheads will be available to buy for the first time at Australia’s first ever Ginger Pride Rally in Melbourne, April 16th. You can also find it at selected pharmacies in Europe from May 1st and in selected stores and pharmacies all around the world before Q3 2016.
The founder of All In Translations (and All In Tanning Lotions for Redheads) Roy Pedersen happens to be a carrottop himself. In fact, so are his son, and his wife Elisavet Arkolaki, who will help market this amazing product through her MaltaMum Community and the MaltaMum Shop.
Here is how Pedersen sums up the new venture:
Roy Pedersen and his wife Elisavet Arkolaki - All in Translations
“Traditionally it has been easy to pick on redheads. Look at South Park and Cartman’s Ginger Rant, for example. But it feels like this is about to become a thing of the past. “Kick a ginger day” has turned into “Kiss a ginger day“, and there seems to be a lot of positivity towards gingers now. The Melbourne Ginger Pride Rally is one great example, and I think our tanning lotion will sell like hot cakes there”.

“I wanted to contribute to this movement – or whatever you want to call it, and a good friend of mine by the name of Andreas Lilja put me up to this idea. The moment he suggested it… well it dawned on me that a protective tanning lotion is something all redheads need, and we have been working hard ever since to get it ready for April 16th. I am immensely proud to say that we will make it, and I am looking very much forward to bring my ginger family and friends over to Melbourne for the launch”, said Pedersen.
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