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iGaming Translators

The aim of All-in Translations is to deliver the most precise and attractive translations in the iGaming industry. In order to achieve this, we are calling for the best iGaming translators out there. At the moment we are looking for more translators fluent in the following languages:

♣ Afrikaans  ♣ Estonian ♣ Hebrew  ♣ Japanese  ♣ Khmer (Cambodian) ♣ Norwegian  ♣ Swedish  Tagalog (Filipino)  

We are also recruiting for independent revisors for:

Chinese (traditional and simplified)  Norwegian

What we offer to attract the best iGaming translators:

♣ We are the best agency to work with and only work with the best iGaming translators! Check some of the testimonials from other iGaming translators and writers here.
♣ On-time monthly payments, a large volume of work and you can accept jobs and issue invoices in a single click.
♣ A chance to work with the best companies in the iGaming industry.
♣ Freedom to work wherever and whenever as long as deadlines are kept.
♣ All the tools needed to provide the highest quality and improve your translation skills as well as your knowledge of iGaming.
♣ A friendly and supportive Project Management team.

The successful candidate should have:

♣ Experience in translating and revising into their native language, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the iGaming terminology.
♣ The creative ability to make a text attractive in their native language.
♣ The ability to deliver projects within set deadlines.

♣ Experience working with SDL Trados Studio or similar CAT tools, TM, termbases and ideally also QA tools.

Please email your cover letter, translation sample, and CV to Use the subject line: iGaming Translator - [YOUR LANGUAGE].

Some useful tips for applicants here.

More info about All-in Translations on Facebook and Linked In.

iGaming Copywriters

At All-in Translations, we pride ourselves on working with the best linguists in the iGaming industry. What are we looking for? Simply put, the best copywriters out there for all our languages.

At the moment we are looking for more writers fluent in the following languages:

American English Australian English ♣ Chinese ♣ Danish ♣ Dutch ♣ Icelandic ♣ Japanese ♣ Spanish ♣ Swedish.

Who should apply? Anyone who can write remarkably well, including but not limited to journalistsmarketing professionalsPR professionals and so on who have experience in writing web content, email marketing, creative writing, newsletters, reviews (Casino, Binary Options platforms, Online Sports Betting, Bingo platforms, Slots etc.), blog posts, magazine articles, media release, SEO-optimized articles, marketing and promotional material.

What we offer to attract the best iGaming writers:

♣ We are the best agency to work with and only work with the best iGaming writers! Check some of the testimonials from other iGaming translators and writers here.
♣ On-time monthly payments, a large volume of work and you can accept jobs and issue invoices in a single click.
♣ A chance to work with the best companies in the iGaming industry.
♣ Freedom to work wherever and whenever as long as deadlines are kept.
♣ A friendly and supportive Project Management team.

Please email your cover letter, sample and CV to Use the subject line: iGaming Writer - [YOUR LANGUAGE].

Some useful tips for applicants here.

More info about All-in Translations on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mourinho and the extra-terrestrials: Don’t alienate your customers

What extra-terrestrials, nocturnal men with ladders and grammar-themed Facebook pages tell us about the importance of accuracy in your content.

This piece is written by one of our talented sports/sportsbook writers and he 
has admitted he is no fan of Jose Mourinho Contact us if you want similar 
articles for your blog.


Jose Mourinho doesn’t speak particularly good English. There, I’ve gone ahead and said it. And I’m not taking it back. When he arrived in the Premier League back in 2004 as that stubbled, good-looking, rogue of a Manager wearing that famous dark grey trench-coat and declaring himself to be ‘The Special One’, the general consensus was that yes, he did speak excellent English.

Not only was he fluent in it but references to the ‘lads’ (his squad), ‘JT’ (John Terry) and ‘Lamps’ (Frank Lampard) somehow convinced us that he hadn’t so much learnt the language as he had the whole of English culture as well.   

The problem with Mourinho is that he probably believes his English is perfect. But it’s not. And what’s interesting is that despite spending over seven seasons in English football, it hasn’t changed one bit (for the better) since he first arrived all those years ago. Critics of his style of football would say that neither have his tactics.  

And one of his greatest flaws when speaking in it is a habit of directly translating Portuguese expressions into English. Take this one: ‘They’re a very strong side but they’re not an extra-terrestrial team.”

You what, now? If you speak English, you’ll wonder for a minute if that’s just some trendy expression he’s using that’s the equivalent of exquisite/A-1/uppermost/blue-chip that you hadn’t heard yet but that you’ll hear everyone using in a few weeks’ time. Don’t hold your breath; it’s not.

But if you happen to speak Portuguese, you’ll know that it’s a perfectly common expression to say ‘Não são uma equipa de extra-terrestres” (they’re not a team of aliens).

He does this direct translating business a lot and whereas most Manchester United fans are a fair bit more concerned about him steering them to a Top 4 finish than the quality of his idiomatic expressions, some people do care. I know I do or I wouldn’t be talking about it now.  

There was a great story in an English newspaper a couple of years ago about a man so obsessed with the correct use of apostrophes that he went around with a ladder, brush and a bucket of paint in the dead of the night and corrected all the signs of shops, restaurants and other businesses where an apostrophe had been incorrectly used.

Grammarly, a Facebook page that’s all about (well, you can work it out) … has over seven million followers. ‘Mind the Gaffe’, a book about common mistakes made in the English language, is a best-seller worldwide. So, plenty of people out there really do care about these details.

And now to the bit that affects you: some of them could be your customers or potential customers.

The quality of Mourinho’s English in press conferences isn’t going to help him win matches but the quality of the grammar in a text relating to your brand, whether originally written in that language or translated from another, could be the difference between you acquiring a new customer and also getting more business from an existing one.  

Take the bloke who went around correcting apostrophes while most of us were snoring away. Let’s call him Grammar Graham.  

Does Grammar Graham seem like a man who would sign up to your betting company if a piece of content you produced that he read was riddled with incorrect use of apostrophes? Would you expect him to buy a computer screen from you if the product description was filled with typos and other mistakes? And for all you know, Grammar Graham may be pedantic when it comes to language but he may be pretty care-free with every deep pockets when it comes to betting. He could be your next big VIP player.

You see, for all the research done on demographics, media consumption and shopping habits, what it doesn’t tell you is how important perfectly written content is to a particular customer. So, you might as well err on the side of caution and make sure it really is flawless. Don’t take the risk.

At All-In Translations, all our translators are native speakers. Not Mourinhos who think they speak several languages perfectly, but people who actually do. They were brought up bilingual and can effortlessly switch from one language to another; that’s what being bilingual is.


Hiring language personell? Test their proficiency before making the decision.  


Once they’ve translated a piece of copy, it’s then checked by a revisor just to make sure no mistakes slipped through the net.  Same with texts written from scratch. Once the copywriter has completed their task, it goes past proof-readers and editors to make sure the standard is… ‘extra-terrestrial’, as Mourinho would say.


You may have the freshest ideas when it comes to Marketing campaigns for your brand. Or as an Affiliate site, have the best analysis about a particular Casino or Sportsbook that should bring in new players.  

But just like a horse in the lead stuttering on the final fence at the Grand National, all your hard work may go to waste when it matters the most: when someone is deciding whether they like your brand or not. And following on from that: whether to buy or not to buy.  

So you do what you do best and just leave the content with us.

Super Scary SiGMA Cup Draw

UPDATE: Bethard have pulled out so we still have space for one more team.

SCHEDULE (all matches are 20 minutes. 5-minute break between matches).

Group A (all matches on pitch 1)
10:00 Team Random vs. Tumas Gaming
10:25 White Hat Gaming vs. Touchbet
10:50 Gaming Laboratories International vs. White Hat Gaming
11:15 Touchbet vs. Team Random
11:40 Touchbet vs. Tumas Gaming
12:05 Gaming Laboratories International vs. Team Random
12:30 Team Random vs. White Hat Gaming
Break till 14:00. The snack bar is open. Panel discussion 13:00.
14:00 Tumas Gaming vs. Gaming Laboratories International vs.
14:25 Gaming Laboratories International vs. Touchbet
14:50 White Hat Gaming vs. Tumas Gaming

Group B (all matches on pitch 2)
10:00 1X2 Network vs. Clarion Gaming
10:25 Casumo vs. Axl Affiliates
10:50 Matching Visions vs. Casumo
11:15 Axl Affiliates vs. 1x2 Network
11:40 Axl Affiliates vs. Clarion Gaming
12:05 Matching Visions vs. 1X2 Network
12:30 1X2 Network vs. Casumo
Break till 14:00. The snack bar is open. Panel discussion 13:00.
14:00 Clarion vs. Matching Visions
14:25 Matching Visions vs. Axl Affiliates
14:50 Casumo vs. Clarion Gaming

Group C (all matches on pitch 3)
10:00 ZP Services vs. Redbet
10:25 Boston Link vs. LV Bet
10:50 Pentasia vs. Boston Link
11:15 LV Bet vs. ZP Services
11:40 LV Bet vs. Redbet
12:05 Pentasia vs. ZP Services
12:30 ZP Services vs. Boston Link
Break till 14:00. The snack bar is open. Panel discussion 13:00.
14:00 Redbet vs. Pentasia
14:25 Pentasia vs. LV Bet
14:50 Boston Link vs. Redbet

Group D (all matches on pitch 4)
10:00 All-in Translations vs. Wazdan
10:25 Kwiff vs. All-in Translations
10:50 Gaming Innovation Group vs. Kwiff
11:15 Game Lounge vs. Wazdan
11:40  Wazdan vs. Kwiff
12:05 Game Lounge vs. Gaming Innovation Group
12:30 Kwiff vs. Game Lounge
Break till 14:00. The snack bar is open. Panel discussion 13:00.
14:00 Wazdan vs. Gaming Innovation Group
14:25 Gaming Innovation Group vs. All-in Translations
14:50 All-in Translations vs. Game Lounge

Group E (all matches on pitch 5)
10:00 ComeOn vs. Odds&More
10:25 Wishmaker vs. Mr. Green
10:50 Trustly/IGE vs. Wishmaker
11:15 Mr. Green vs. ComeOn
11:40 Mr. Green vs. Odds&More
12:05 Trustly/IGE vs. ComeOn
12:30 ComeOn vs. Wishmaker
Break till 14:00. The snack bar is open. Panel discussion 13:00.
14:00 Odds&More vs. Trustly/IGE
14:25 Trustly/IGE vs. Mr. Green
14:50 Wishmaker Odds&More

15:20 Quarterfinal 1 - winner A vs. winner B PITCH 2
15:20 Quarterfinal 2 - winner C vs. best runner-up PITCH 3
15:20 Quarterfinal 3 - winner D vs. 2nd best runner-up PITCH 4
15:20 Quarterfinal 4 - winner E vs. 3rd best runner-up PITCH 5

15:50 Semifinal 1 - QF1 vs. QF2 PITCH 4
15:50 Semifinal 1 - QF1 vs. QF2 PITCH 5

16:30 FINAL

Director of Matching Visions Dennis Dyhr-Hansen has confirmed that they will sponsor the bar (from 12:30). SiGMA Cup is, after all, just as much a networking event, at the start of SiGMA, as it is a football tournament.

This year the All-in Translations' SiGMA Cup will also include an all-star panel discussion (starts 13:00, details on the poster below), an esports cup and a fantasy league by Scout Gaming Group (so make sure to have big numbers on the back of your team shirts).

Email if you want to participate in any of the events. It's free for all.

Please RSVP to SiGMA Cup on Facebook here (so we can get an idea of how many non-players will show up).

RSVP to SiGMA esports Cup here. This is played 2 vs. 2 on Playstations so make sure to invite a friend.

All-in Translations is the #1 language service provider for the gaming industry. If you need help localizing or writing content contact us or request a quote. 70+ languages.

Big Day in Pentasia All-in League This Wednesday

The preliminary round of the Pentasia All-in League was concluded on Monday. This means we now have a clear picture of how the divisions will look like - exception being the 8 teams who will play a cup to see which two teams get the last places in League 1 (the other 6 teams will join League 2):

1: Blue Lions vs. Wishmaker (Wednesday 17th 21:00 Pitch 3)
2: Axl Affiliates vs. ComeOn (Wednesday 17th 20:00 Pitch 4)
3: Gigsters United 2 vs. Aspire FC (Wednesday 17th 21:00 Pitch 4)
4: Tumas Gaming vs. Betway (Wednesday 17th 19:00 Pitch 3)

The winners of 1/2 and 3/4 then play each other for a League 1 spot each.

The prequalified League 1 teams have started their season already. Below is the current league table:

Paddy Power Betfair - who have started their campaign with two wins - will play against last year's winners GIGsterd United (20:00 on pitch 3), making Wednesday a big day in this record-breaking season of Pentasia All-in League.

We apologize for the delay in getting the new website ready, but it should be up and running by late November. In the meantime, we will send fixtures via email and update the Facebook page. Towards the end of this week, we will be able to present the fixtures up until the end of December.

League 2 will consist of the 6 teams that didn't make the list of League 1, plus Casumo, SD Services, Touchbet, Besedo and Tipico.

This is how League 3 will look like:

Casino Malta
White Hat Gaming
Fast Track
Branders FC
Sparkasse Bank Malta
Catena Media
Polish Drinkers
Global Gaming
Tipico 2

PS: There are currently only 5 spots left to the SiGMA Cup on November 27th. Shoot an email over to roy@allintranslations (first come, first served).

PS 2: If you want to play PES in the SiGMA Esports Cup RSVP here.

Upgraded SiGMA Cup FULL

If you attended the SiGMA Cup last year, you surely remember how much fun it was. A full day of football and networking at Luxol, with smiles and Fair Play all around.

This year, we're upgrading on a large scale. We have booked all the pitches, as well as the whole clubhouse starting 9:30 a.m. up until 5 p.m. on November 27th, so clear the date and make sure to book flights accordingly.

24/25 confirmed teams:

All-in Translations
Boston Link
Game Lounge
White Hat Gaming
Clarion Gaming
Axl Affiliates
Mr Green
Tumas Gaming
Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)
Gaming Innovation Group (GIG)
ZP Services
1X2 Network
Matching Visions
Team Random

RSVP on the Facebook event page to stay tuned.

The biggest upgrade will come outside of the pitch and inside the clubhouse. We'll arrange an esports football tournament (Playstation on big screen), and at 1 p.m. there will be a keynote panel about football in esports and fantasy moderated by Tal Ron. (More info will follow here shortly.)

Last but not least, we'll arrange a fantasy league on Scout Gaming Group's B2B platform where one can pick their team from all the players attending and can earn points on the basis of the performance of the selected players.

Everything is FREE to enter, courtesy of All-in Translations.

Do you want high brand visibility at these events? We're looking for companies to sponsor cool prizes - so get in touch now if interested. There's also an opening to sponsor the open beer bar between 12:30 p.m. and 1 p.m. 

All the events during SiGMA Cup Day are part of the official SiGMA agenda.

Head of Sports at GIG (2017 winners), Endre Nesset, says the trophy shines bright on the top shelf in their new office in Paceville. But on November 27th, the GIGsters will bring the trophy back into play for this season to see if they can keep hold of it for another year. Needless to say, there are a few teams with plans to interfere.

If you don't play football yourself, the cup offers the perfect opportunity to root for your colleagues or rub elbows with people in the industry. In 2017, we had several hundred SiGMA delegates present.

Preliminary schedule:

09:30 a.m. Pitches are available for warm-up
10:00 a.m. Preliminary Rounds starts
12:30 p.m. Free Beer inside the clubhouse, courtesy of Matching Visions
1:00 p.m. Discussion Panel starts
1:30 p.m. Play resumes
4:30 p.m. SiGMA Cup Final

In 2016, it was Reactivation Group who took the trophy home.

If you need language services such as translation, localization, creative writing or white hat SEO, All-in Translations is the #1 provider for the gaming industry. Contact or click "Request a quote" top right on this page.

Stay tuned!

The New Pentasia All-in League Kicks Off Next week

Dear Pentasia All-in League participants,

A new season is upon us and 30 teams have confirmed (plus one team on a waiting list).

Below you can find first week fixtures as well as an explanation of the new divisional system (and the 1st year preliminary round). We are also changing the format and the name of the cup; to PAI Cup. PAI stands for Pentasia and All-in Translations.


* There is a continued focus on Fair Play with ZERO TOLERANCE towards violence. We will update and share the rules before the season starts.

*To solve the biggest issue from last season with teams not showing up, all teams are required to confirm that they are playing the following week by Sunday latest. You can confirm by commenting (team name + confirmed) on the picture uploaded to the Facebook group with the fixture of your game, OR you can email Fixtures will be uploaded on Friday latest, and all teams have to confirm by Sunday midnight latest. A team failing to confirm will result in walk-over. If both teams fail to confirm it's 0-0 with 0 points for both. Once the new league website is ready you can confirm there instead. It may sound strict but we had to do something to avoid the problems from last year.

*ALL COMMUNICATION about the league should go through or Nikola on 99366163. Messages on Facebook/Messenger and emails to other addresses will not be replied to.

*The invoice will be sent this week and needs to be paid before your first game.

*Player registration forms will be sent together with the updated rules this week.


Monday 24th September (pitch number in brackets)

2030-2130 (2) Polish Drinkers - Tumas Gaming
2130-2230 (2) Axl Affiliates- Stenley Bet
19-20 (4) Tipico - Spakasse Bank Malta

Tuesday 25th

19-20 (3) Comeon- Wishmaker
20-21 (3) White Hat Gaming - Casino Malta
21-22 (3) Betway - Pentasia
21-22 (4) Branders - SD Services

Wednesday 26th

19-20 (3) Tipico 2 - Casumo
20-21 (3) Blue Lions - Besedo
21-22 (3) Leo Vegas - ZP Services
20-21 (4) Gigsters United 1 - Bethard
21-22 (4) PPB - Kindred *

Thursday 27th

2030-2130 (2) Catena Media - Touchbet
2130-2230 (2) Global Gaming - Gig 2

Friday 28th

20-21 (3) Aspire - Fast Track


We have decided to introduce a divisional system with promotions and relegations. In order to decide which teams play where we had to introduce a preliminary round, so this season will be a bit different.

League 1

The best 5 teams from last year's League 1 and the best 3 teams from League 2 was offered a spot in the new League 1. 2 teams declined, meaning there are two spots to play for.

Preliminary Round Groups

How to qualify for League 1

The two best teams from each group, minus the two teams who qualify for League, will play in League 2. There will be 10 teams in League 2.
Number 3 and 4 from each group goes to League 3 (12 teams).
The setup for the 2019/2020 season will obviously depend on the number of registered teams, but the initial idea is that two teams are relegated from League 1 and two teams from League 2, whereas two teams from League 3 and two teams from League 2 are promoted.
It has been a priority for us to try to ensure an even amount of matches for all the teams. We have used the cup to even it out and you can see the the setup for the first round below. The PAI Cup starts in November. Teams from League 1 and 2 are qualified for Round 2.

Best regards and best wishes for the new season

League Manager Nikola Mraovic

Christopher Vella on behalf of Pentasia

Roy Pedersen on behalf of All-in Translations

All-in Translations Wins Initial CEEG Awards Vote

The vote to decide the finalists of this year's Central and Eastern European Gaming Awards was decided, with All-in Translations racking up the most votes for the Best Connected iGaming Service Provider 2018. The Malta-based language service provider won the award in 2017, while this year's winner will be decided during the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference in Budapest, on September 25th. Unlike most awards in the gaming industry, this one is decided by public votes.

Here is how the votes were divided among the 5 finalists:

All-In Translations 660 Votes (26.70%)
Iforium 625 Votes (25.28%)
BetConstruct - Spring BME 261 Votes (10.56%)
RISQ 243 Votes (9.83%)
Wazdan 217 Votes (8.78%)

The other categories include:

Online Casino Innovator
Rising Star in Online Casino Technology
Best Online Casino Provider
Best Overall eSports Service Provider
Best Overall Fantasy Sports / Virtual Sports Provider
Rising Star in the Fantasy Sports / Virtual Sports
Best Sports Betting Innovation in
Rising Star in Sports Betting Technology
Best Overall Sports Betting Provider
Best Customer Support in Online Casino
Best Overall Online Casino
Best Customer Support in Sports Betting
Best Overall Sports Betting Operator
Best Lottery Service Provider
Best Cryptocurrency Gaming Platform Provider
Best Overall Payment Service Provider
Best iGaming Press in the region
Best Testing Laboratory
Best Support for Responsible Gambling

During the awards show in Budapest, one representative from each nominated company gets one minute to explain to delegates why they should win. Last year, All-in Translations was represented by its CEO Roy Pedersen and this year Operations Manager Tiago Aprigio will be there.

This is what Zoltan Tundik from conference organiser European Gaming Media has to say about the upcoming event:

"September in Budapest is just like being on a beach resort in July. It just makes sense to visit Budapest in the autumn. The weather is nice and you can surely enjoy the sightseeing with the pinch of leaves falling down in the awesome parks Budapest has to offer. One of the reasons why CEEGC is always held in Budapest at the end of September."

The conference will include updates on the markets of Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Group Draw Released, Kick-Off Preferences Wanted Urgently

To all teams: Please fill the below form as soon as possible so we can finalise the fixtures.

Below is the draw for the preliminary groups. Betway and Aspire FC has chosen to join (instead of accepting the League 1 place), which means there are two spots open in League 1.

4 of the 5 teams with the most/best points->goal difference->goals->direct confrontation advances to two playoff finals where the two winners qualify for League 1. The "best" winner meets the "worst" winner in one final, with winner number 2 vs. winner number 3 in the other final.

Remember to like the league Facebook page for updates.

Pentasia All-in League 2.0 Unleashed

Pentasia All-in League - Team Entry Form

With 28 teams confirmed (well 27 but we're leaving one spot open hoping for one more), we're very excited to finally see our plans for a major upgrade to Pentasia All-in League come to fruition. We've decided to organise it into a league system, with divisions and yearly promotions/relegations.


The point is to make things a bit more competitive for all the teams involved by having something to fight for throughout the season. We want to bring more consistency and more even games. As a result, we've also changed the format of the cup.

The first season will need to include a preliminary round (like before). Here's how it will go down:

The top 5 teams from the 2017/18 League 1 and the top 3 teams from League 2 will be offered a place in the 2018/19 League 1, which will consist of 8 teams that will play each other twice throughout the season.

The remaining 20 teams will be divided randomly in 5 groups for a preliminary round. From each group, 2 teams will be placed in League 2 and two teams will be placed in League 3.

If one (or more) of the prequalified teams for League 1 doesn't want to play in League 1, they can choose to give away their place and join the preliminary stage. In this case, 4 out of the 5 winners of the preliminary groups will advance to a semifinal/final to decide who gets to play in League 1.

The initial plan is that 2 teams are promoted/relegated from each division when this season ends, but we'll obviously have to see how many teams will register by this time next summer. Our vision is to keep the league growing and to have divisions of 8 teams each.

This is how it looks now:

League 1

GIGsters United 1 (accepted)
Leo Vegas (accepted)
ZP Services (accepted)
Bethard (accepted)
Kindred (accepted)
Paddy Power Betfair (accepted)
Aspire FC (declined, will play preliminary round)
Betway (declined, will play preliminary round)

League 2/3

SD Services
Catena Media
Fast Track
Axl Affiliates
Blue Lions
Tipico 2
GIGsters United 2
White Hat Gaming
Global Gaming FC
Sparkasse Bank Malta FC
Polish Drinkers

Still with us? Good 🙂 Let's move to the cup.

Instead of organising the cup at the end of the season - where we start with the meaningless matches between winners of League 1 and losers of League 2, we're introducing random draws. We'll start with the Round of 32 where the top 4 teams get a walk-over in the first round. We hope this will result in more even games and hopefully a few cup adventures for the lower ranked teams.

This gets all teams at least 13 matches with an average of 15 matches per team.

By the time you read this, you'll have been contacted by the league management to provide us with some info and preferences. We've managed to secure two slots from 7 pm on Monday and Tuesday - which is something many players requested. The first to reply regarding their preferred game times will get priority, but we'll try to accommodate everyone's wishes within reason.

We'll ask all teams to confirm their match(es) one week in advance to avoid no-shows - like last season.

Thanks for your time and vote of confidence guys. We're excited about the future of Pentasia All-in League!

Pentasia All-in League - Team Entry Form