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Author: Roy Pedersen

How the Beautiful Digital Game Came to Life at SiGMA Cup

O jogo bonito. The beautiful game. The origin of this phrase is may be disputed, with both Pelé, Waldyr Pereira (Didi), Stuart Hall and H. E. Bates being mentioned as possible authors, but it is widely recognized as an accurate description of football. So, what is the most bonito moment?

For the CEO of All-in Translations, Tiago Aprigio, one of them belongs to Maradona. He likes to talk about “El Pibe de Oro” when describing how we work. He says: “With All-in Translations, the way to your goal is as straightforward as Maradona’s goal against England in 1986. Our translators and writers will be your best players, managed by the best project management team in the industry“.

All-in Translations CEO Tiago Aprigio in a football trading card posing as Tiago Armindo Maradona

Winning the SBC Award for Best Service Provider 2018 solidly supports his statement, but for me a solo goal could never be the most beautiful moment in football. It always has to be a team effort in my view, a tactical masterpiece, a beautifully orchestrated counter-attack by the underdog in the 87th minute, when the favourite is pressing and the score is 0-0. One of these magical moments unveiled in front of my eyes on the first day of the Malta-based SIGMA conference recently, when All-in Translations organised a football tournament for 25 gaming companies at Luxol Sports Club. The whole event was a symphonic example of everything that is bonito about the beautiful game.

Michele Howard accepting SBC Award for Best Service Provider 2018 and posing for picture with hosts

Teamwork, tactics and togetherness played key roles. I will get back to this, but the show’s superstar was a digital innovation. Have you ever played Premier League Fantasy? Me too. This is not a new game, but thanks to the platform provided by Scout Gaming Group, we could make a world’s first: a fantasy league connected to a gaming event. So we gathered the details of all 200+ players from the 25 teams participating in the SiGMA Cup and assigned them a value based on their skills.

SiGMA Fantasy Cup online team management game screenshot

Then anyone could enter their own fantasy team by selecting 6 players that did not exceed a certain value in total. The appeal here was, of course, that you could pick your colleagues, your friends, or even yourself, and see how many points your team could scrape together. People got very excited about the game and we have already decided to duplicate it for SiGMA Cup 19.

What impressed me the most about the event was the goodwill shown by so many people and companies. This event is non-profit and free to everyone willing to join, so the aim is to keep the cost to a minimum. Our marketing viewpoint is that it creates much more value to us and the other contributors when we organise positive events like this, rather than when we are just buying media. As the manager of the whole event, it was beautiful to see how all the elements came together. From laying the foundation in “pre-season”, to getting the key players in during the “transfer window” and completing the last few pieces of the puzzle in the teamtalk before kick-off. All these people deserve a mention, so here is the rough timeline:

November 2017. Me: “Should we do this next year as well?” Eman Pulis (SiGMA): “Of course. Never change a winning formula”.

May 2018. “Can we double the capacity and organise a panel discussion and an esports tournament inside the clubhouse?” Nicky Darmanin Demajo and Jason Falzon (Luxol): “Not a problem. Just let us know the details”.

September 2018: “Can you moderate a panel discussion about football in esports and fantasy during SiGMA? Tal Ron: Sounds good! Leave it with me“.

“Would you like to join a panel during SiGMA Cup? Viktor Enoksen (FantasyBet), Tiago Aprigo (All-in Translations), Lars Lien (Luckbox), James Camilleri (Scout Gaming Group), Assaf Stieglitx (Odds1x2): “Yeah, that would be great“.

Should we create a fantasy league based on SiGMA Cup“? Joakim Renman (Scout Gaming Group): “Yes! I will get our team to set this up right away“.

October 2018: “Anyone without a team can join Team Random“. Gonçalo Costa (Costa Rank): “I can manage this. Just send any random players my way“.

Does anyone want to sponsor a medic for emergencies and some prizes for the winners?” Daniel Graetzer (Carousel Group and Team Random): “How much do you need?“.

November 2018: “Would you like to sponsor an open bar”? Dennis Dyhr-Hansen (Matching Visions): “Where do I sign?“.

We need 5 referees for November 27th“. Nikola Mraovic (Pentasia All-in League): “When should we be there?“.

I need someone to organise the PES Esports Tournament. Interested?” Jens Schmieg: As long as I don’t miss any matches for my team in SiGMA Cup, sure.

Three players playing PES Esports Tournament in SiGMA 2018

Not to mention Angelique Muller (video), Aleksandar Bundao (sound) and Sasa Jovanovic (rigging) – great professionals I can always count on.

#whatcouldpossiblygowrong right?

Just a few days before the event, it starts raining with forecasts of more to come. I would not be worried about that if the event was in Norway, but in Malta I’ve experienced people running away from the pitch in the middle of a game.

0700: Alarm goes off. I look outside. It’s almost sunny. Then I realise I am missing at least 3 fantasy scouts to register goals, clean sheets and bonus points. Damon Booth (BetBanter) and Jakob Vestergaard-Laustsen (previously Mybet) step up and handle it flawlessly the whole day, while Nicolas Morel and Maciej Kwiatek (All-in Translations), Endre Nesset (GIG), Robin Javerud (Game Lounge) came to the rescue as “super-subs”. There were 57 matches to be played. Between matches, we managed to get the results to the data insertion team (Torbjørn Angeltveit and Desmond Fenech from Scout Gaming Group), and the result was something pretty close to live updates. The teamwork was sensational.

By the time the tournament reached the final stages, it became clear that several teams had upped their gameplan this year. GIG – last year’s winners and the only team to play with a “flying” goalkeeper – lost, to everyone’s surprise, to LV Bet. Most teams lay low against GIG, but LV Bet turned things around and played very aggressively, which was a perfect tactic as the GIG players were too tired to move enough after playing the whole day with just one substitute.

Mark Thorne aka Mourinho always fields a good team, and the defensive structure of his Wishmaker pushed them all the way to the final. But against Axl Affiliates it was not enough. Their gaffer Marius Filip had gathered an impressive team of five-a-side players, and it was well deserved when they lifted the prestigious SiGMA Cup trophy in the end.

Towards the end of the game, the teams got carried away, and there was a bit of a rough-up which continued after the match was over. Carl Ahlvik, the goalkeeper of Wishmaker, had just lost his 3rd final in a row and he and his teammates reacted to what they called mockery of one of their players. So, when I saw Ahlvik and Filip shake hands and smile inside the clubhouse half an hour later, it was the perfect conclusion to a beautiful day of football.

Roy Pederson handing SiGMA Cup trophy to the winning team during SiGMA 2018

There are two things I’d like to improve for next year’s SiGMA Cup:

1: We should get women involved. As far as I saw, Sacha Kinser of Game Lounge was the only female to play this year. She did great, and it would be fantastic to see a game between the women footballers of the gaming industry next year.

Sacha Kinser of Game Lounge handling the ball during a SiGMA Cup game

2: The fantasy game needs to go even more digital, and the scouts should be able to insert the data directly into the system while watching the games.

What’s next? At All-in Translations, we intend to continue creating events for the gaming industry. It’s our way of showing everyone that we walk the walk.

On March 20th, we will be organising the official poker tournament of the ASEAN Gaming Summit in Manila, and we are working on organising a baseball event on April 23rd in New York (1st day of the Betting on Sports America conference). Tiago, Michele and Roy dressed as baseball pros.

Also don’t get surprised if you receive an invitation to a PMS (Pre Match Session) for one of the games in Group F where Spain, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Faroe Islands and Malta are battling it out for a place in Euro 20.

SiGMA Fantasy Cup Hottest Picks and Tips

After 1 day of being live the SiGMA Fantasy Cup has more than 30 confirmed entrants. And with less than 3 days till deadline, it’s time to find the players with the most value.

The popularity of fantasy football has exploded and in the 2018/19 version of Fantasy Premier League, there are more than 6 million entrants from around the world. We have heard rumours that the 2019/20 version will be localized into several different languages, and we are very curious to see how that goes. All-in Translations is a language service provider specializing in gaming and football so it’s probably no surprise that fantasy football is a favorite with us. At the bottom of the page, you can see a fantasy football glossary that we made, and which our translators use.

Gaming crowd getting excited

For this year’s SiGMA Cup we have created a fantasy league together with Scout Gaming Group and after months of development and gathering of data, we could finally release the game Friday afternoon. With more than 200 players to choose from, all of them delegates at the SiGMA conference in Malta the coming week, the game seems to be a hit among the gaming crowd and people are getting excited.

There isn’t that much information available on these people’s football skills though, so I figured I would share some tips. This despite the fact that I declared a bounty on my head giving €100 off on the next/first order with All-in Translations to anyone in the Top 10 that can beat me (bring it on).

Some general tips

As you might be aware of, our company organises the football league for gaming companies in Malta. 30 teams compete in 3 divisions here, and I would estimate that half of the players from SiGMA Cup play regularly in Pentasia All-in League. We have now released a new website section for this league, and with league tables etc. it is a good source of information when picking your team for the SiGMA Fantasy Cup. Which teams are winning? Which teams are scoring the most? Which teams have more clean sheets than a convent? One thing to note is that the team called Polish Drinkers in Pentasia All-in League is registered as LV Bet in SiGMA Cup.

A fantasy football league is normally set up so that you choose a squad of 15: 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 attackers. Since SiGMA Cup is a five-a-side league we decided to allow 6 players in the fantasy squads. And instead of dividing players depending on their position, we have divided them according to their skills in their team. We simply asked the team gaffers to divide their squads into 5 categories: goalkeepers, squad players, starts, key players and superstars. The players were then priced accordingly: goalkeepers and squad players cost 5 million, starters cost 7,5 million, key players cost 10 million and superstars cost 12,5 million. You can choose 1 goalkeeper, 1 squad player, 1 starter, 1 key player and 2 superstars. Max two players from each team.

Another difference between a traditional fantasy football game and SiGMA Fantasy Cup is the way players receive points. Normally you would not get points for the performance of a team, it’s always individual, except clean sheets. In SiGMA Fantasy Cup we are giving points to all players in the squad of the teams that advance from each round. Also, players don’t get points for assists. We wanted to keep things fairly simple for the “fantasy scouts” that will register points, and this was the solution (email if you want to be a scout). For this reason we are also giving out 2 and 1 bonus points to the best players of each game, instead of 3 which is normal. All-in Translations and Scout Gaming Group have already agreed this will be an annual tournament, so we might change this next year. Feedback welcome!

Some teams seem to have overrated their players or misunderstood the concept of fantasy by making them overly expensive, but I guess we will not know for sure until Tuesday afternoon.

Hottest player picks

In the picture on top of the article, you can see the most popular picks after 1 day of being live. Below here you can see the most popular picks on the evening before the tournament starts. Deadline to register a team is 10:00 Tuesday 27th November.

Henry Petersen (5 million) from Pentasia was the hottest goalkeeper early on but had to pull out because of an injury. He is replaced by Andrea Borgese.

Felix Preussner, chosen by 39%, is probably one of the most complete amateur football player in Malta. He costs 12,5 millions. Preussner was THE key player when All-in Translations became the first team to win the double two years in a row and he now plays for GIG which won SiGMA Cup last year. I consider them favourite again. Goalscorer Jens Schmieg could be a bargain at 10 million, but since he has agreed to help us organise the SiGMA PES19 Esports Cup (RSVP here), and is also probably the favourite to win that, I am slightly concerned whether maybe his full focus will not be on the football tournament.

Jonas Gisle, Sammy Gagan and Samuel Skov will not play for GIG. Former Tromsø player John Olsen (GIG 12,5m) is usually a force to reckon with.

What about the All-in Translations team?

GIG are favourites to win group D but it’s wide open for the runner-up position in my opinion. All-in Translations normally do well but since they are organizing the league instead of playing there is little consistency. Jerry Land (5m) has reported an injury and is unsure. Tiago Aprigio (5m) used to play volleyball at a high level and might be a bargain as a goalkeeper if the rest of the team does well.

Jefim Gewiet has reportedly played at a high level but that’s many years ago. I have never seen him play but fingers are crossed. Same goes for Johannes Klasson. Nicolas Morel played pretty well in slippery running shoes last year and if he can stay on his feet he might be a bargain as an attacker with a 5 million price tag. Christofer Holmgren (7,5m) and I (Roy Pedersen 5m) have produced plenty of clean sheets in the past, the question is how we can function now with new attackers in the squad, for example Frederik Kjøll Iversen (10m). Jeremy Charles Grech is the newest addition in the All-in squad and could be good value at 7,5m, much because of his powerful left-footed shots.

The team I am the most excited to see in action is Team Random. I have never seen any of them play, but I can smell some quality here. It’s a pity most of them are priced at 12,5m. Daniel Graetzer could be a bargain at 7,5m.

Touchbet and Axl Affiliates

Fredrik Johansson (12,5m) has left GIG and is back with his old team Touchbet. A fantastic futsal player, but perhaps not a notorious goalscorer. I suspect some clean sheets for Touchbet though, with a good goalkeeper in Rico Sedin (5m) and a bargain squad player in Ola Bondesson (5m).

I would also look out for Axl Affiliates. They were just a controversial referee decision away from winning the Pentasia All-in League 1 play-off and impressed during last years SiGMA Cup.

All group winners plus 3 of the 5 runners-up will qualify for the quarter-final. They key will be to find the players that will stay in the tournament for the long-haul. But this is a tricky task. Good luck all!

All-in Translations Fantasy Football Glossary

LobbyIs the place where you find all available games you can participate in.
Guaranteed TournamentsA form of game where a big of amount of players participate in and the amount of prizes is guaranteed.
Head to HeadThe form of game where you only play against one opponent
50/50Also known as double or nothing. If you are in the top fifty percent you are doubling your money.
First Deposit BonusThe bonus you can participate in when you are depositing the first time.
PromotionsAll activities a fantasy sport sites understakes to make the games even more attractive. Promotions can be: Bonuses, added value to contests, rakeback, VIP-Program, Refer A friend program etc.
Guaranteed Prize poolThe minimum amount which you will play for.
Multi-entryA type of play where you can enter the contest more than once.
FreerollTournament type where you can win real money without using your own.
Refer a friendA promotion method where you can invite your friends and be rewarded for it. Usually in form of real money or VIP-Points.
Salary CapThe maximum amount you can spend on drafting your team.
RosterIn other words, your fantasy sports team you drafted.
PayoutsThe distribution of prizes to all winners.

Who is the Best PES Duo in Malta?

PES is short for Pro Evolution Soccer – the only real competitor to FIFA for the video game throne in football. PES is developed by Konami and used in the soon-to-start league– an international esports league which will be broadcasted around the world. As part of the plan to edge into the esports market as a language service provider, All-in Translations has entered a sponsorship with Boavista, who will play against the esports teams of Barcelona, Schalke 04, Monaco, Celtic and Nantes in this league.

Another way of showing the gaming world that we are serious about esports is to arrange an esports tournament during SiGMA Cup at Luxol Sports Club on November 27th. We will rig the clubhouse with two Playstations, 8 consols and two PES19 games so that anyone interested can battle it out and see who the best PES duo in Malta. Or since the whole gaming industry is gathering in Malta for SiGMA next week, you could say we are about to find out who is the best PES duo in gaming.

The matches are played 2 vs. 2, so make sure to plan ahead. Jens Schmieg, top 5000 PES player in the world, will be present on the spot help when not playing matches in the SiGMA football Cup.

This is the schedule:

10:00: Clubhouse opens. Play a friendly game or get your name on the waiting list.
13:00: Break for the panel discussion about football in esports (among other topics). Open bar for SiGMA delegates.
13:45: Deadline to sign up for the SiGMA esports Cup.
13:50: Draw
14:00: First round is played (we wait for players that are playing in the football cup).

We will decide on match length, number of rounds etc. the moment we know how many players are participating.

Carousel Group is sponsoring the 1st prize: A €50 voucher for each player on the winning team. Can be used on Steam / Xbox / Playstation / /

Please RSVP here to stay tuned and so we can get an idea of how many people will play.


A: Format
1. All matches in the tournament will be 10 minutes duration.
2. Group Stage+Knockout or Knockout-only will be decided shortly before
3. Three (3) points will be awarded for a win, one (1) for a draw and none (0) for a loss. At least 2
players from each group with the most points, will qualify for the knockout stage.
4. If two or more players are tied on points, then players will be ranked by

– goal difference
– if goal difference is even, then by most goals scored
– if both of above are even, then by direct result
– if all three above, a random draw will decide

B: Team Selection, Personal Data Settings and Game Plans
1. Players may choose to use only national teams on PES 2019.
2. Classic teams are not allowed to be chosen.
3. Every nation can only be chosen once per match (rock-scissor-paper to decide if both players want the same team).
4. As a standard, there will be two button configurations to choose from: PES Standard controls or FIFA Standard controls. Players may use any personal data and button configurations they wish. In this case, the player is advised to save them for future matches.
5. Players may use any game plan options available to them within PES 2019.
6. It is each player’s responsibility to ensure that their Personal Data Settings and Game Plans are correct before the kick-off option is selected.
7. Live Update must be turned off during the team selection.

C: Match Set-up
1. The following settings must be selected from the general settings menu on the match menu
screen for all games within events:
a. Match Level: Top Player
b. Match Time: 10 Minutes
c. No. of Substitutions: 3
d. Player Emotions: OFF
e. Condition Home: Moderate (→)
f. Condition Away: Moderate (→)
g. Injuries: ON

In addition to this, Extra Time and PK must be turned OFF in group stage matches and ON in
knockout matches.
In the event that a match is set up incorrectly, players must call Tournament Admin and he will
make a decision on what action is to be taken.

2. The following settings must be selected from the Stadium screen for all games within events.
a. Time: random
b. Weather: random
c. Length of Grass: Normal

3. All matches must be played with the following camera and speed settings:
a. Camera Type: Dynamic Wide
b. Zoom: 2
c. Height: 2
d. Speed: 0

D: Tournament Behavior
1. During a match one can only pause if the match is interrupted by a foul, goal kick, throw-in or
goal. You can only pause up to 3 times, in total maximum 60 seconds. If a player believes their
opponent has paused whilst the ball is still in play then they must call a Tournament Admin, they will make a decision on whether the pause was fair, and any action that should be taken as a result.
2. Rude, abusive or violent behaviour won’t be tolerated at the event and any player committing
such behavior may be ejected from the tournament.
3. Players are expected to play in a sportsmanlike manner during the event. In the instance you
think an opponent is showing unsportsmanlike behavior then please call over a Tournament Admin who will make a decision on the behavior and how to proceed.

* Organizer have the right to change the tournament format, game format, prizes, time, venue,
date, etc. without given any prior notice before, during or after the tournament over.

* In the event of any dispute during the tournament, the decision of the organizer will be final.

* The Organizer reserves the right to change the format at any given time

iGaming Translators

The aim of All-in Translations is to deliver the most precise and attractive translations in the iGaming industry. In order to achieve this, we are calling for the best iGaming translators out there. At the moment we are looking for more translators fluent in the following languages:
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