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Author: Roy Pedersen

Last chance to pre-register for the ASEAN Gaming Summit Poker Tournament

Poker table at the PokerStars Live Room in Okada, Manila, in the ASEAN Gaming Summit poker tournament

Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7 pm, I will announce “shuffle up and deal!” at the PokerStars Live Room in Okada, Manila to get the ASEAN Gaming Summit poker tournament rolling. To secure a seat, please drop an email to

For those interested to play, but have not been registered by 7 PM tonight (Tuesday), there is a first-come-first-seated policy. Once all the seats are taken, we will open a waiting list so that the first players to exit can be replaced by the first 20 players on the list.

Although the tournament is free to enter, thanks to our generous sponsors there are some great prizes to play for. (All prizes will be awarded as online vouchers).

1st: $800

Real Time Gaming

2nd: $500

Alderney eGambling

3rd: $300

Continent 8 Technology Reliable Innovation

The tournament is hosted by All-in Translations.

All-in Translations Language Services You Can Bet On

All important information is listed on the backside of the golden ticket.

ASEAN Gaming Summit poker Freeroll
International Poker Freeroll Pokerstars Live Okada Manila

Here also is the Okada floor plan with location of the poker room. Remember to have your passport on you. Everyone has to sign up for the Reward Circle Card before entering the tournament, so please be there in good time. Transportation from the Welcome Lobby Level 1 at Conrad at 6:35 pm (just after the cocktail reception is concluded).

This is your chance to enter the Hall of Fame…

Hall of Fame All-in Translations ASEAN Gaming Summit Poker Freeroll Okada Manila PokerStars Live Room

… and to win the beautifully crafted trophy.

Crafting Pokerstars Live Okada Manila Trophy

Career Paths to Pursue When Traveling Is Life

Roy and a friend jumping on a sunny beach, the benefits of working remotely

Many people prefer to enjoy the stability of working from the same place every day, but remote employment and flexibility are trending. Here are my career tips based on 20 years of meeting nomads, starting with my own story.

Some of the remote workforce are pushed to work from home because their employer is cutting costs without renting an office, but some are also choosing a life on the road because of their love for traveling. So what are the career paths or skills to pursue when you want to live and work in a place where people normally come for a holiday?

Ever since my first train trip around Europe in 1998, I got ants in my pants whenever staying more than 2 months in the same place. I have always adjusted my life with traveling as a priority. After my first trip as a backpacker in Southeast Asia in 2002, I set the goal of being able to work whenever and from wherever I want. Life as a sports journalist in Norway was not my cup of tea, and when in 2005 I got a job offer from a gaming company in Malta, I jumped on it. The tasks as a Norwegian customer support representative were repetitive, the salary did not cover my active nightlife, and I failed to enjoy the predictability of normal working hours.

Expekt Pentasia League Football team

My first job abroad was with Our legendary company football team had many good seasons in the Pentasia League, a league we are now managing.

Slowly but steadily, I managed to get shift work instead, as part of the Swedish customer support team that covered more hours. This suited me better. After just over a year, I was hired to build the customer support center of a Norwegian poker startup from scratch, but when that company stopped paying my salary because of liquidity issues, I had to look elsewhere for something to pay my bills. It’s when I landed my first remotely-based job with PokerStars. I was hired as a Norwegian customer support agent, but got promoted to team leader and poker expert after a while.

My Greek girlfriend, who back then was working in the Marketing Department for another gaming company, managed to convince her boss to also allow her to work remotely around the same time, and all of a sudden we enjoyed the freedom of choosing wherever in the world we wanted to live. With rock-scissor-paper, best of three, the winner would decide the continent and the loser would chose the city where we’d live in. I lost, she chose Europe, and I chose Barcelona. And before my application at PokerStars for becoming the Norwegian Localization Manager was decided upon, I handed in my resignation so I could put all my chips in one pot and go all-in on the translation company I had been planning to start up.

Football stand of a Vélez Sarsfield Huracán game

One of the traveling highlights: The 2009 league final in Argentina between Vélez Sarsfield and Huracán.

The dream was that my life as a company owner would allow me to work whenever I felt like it. And despite many periods with work around the clock, I hired great people to help me from early on, which allowed me to have a “workation” in some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. You can accuse me of namedropping as much as you want, but as a traveling junkie I put a lot of pride in the list of countries I visited during those years.

I got to travel to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, France, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Holland, Estonia, UK, Romania, Portugal, Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Fiji, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Philippines, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Macao, Emirates, Israel and maybe even a few more that I am currently forgetting. Hashtags didn’t exist back then, but #justanotherdayintheoffice would have been a popular one.

Roy working remotely in his laptop in Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Bequia in St. Vincent and the Grenadines #justanotherdayintheoffice

It’s safe to say I met many interesting people along the way. Some of them were picking fruit in Australia or bartending in Magaluf in order to finance a few months “on the road”, but this blog post is not about them. This is about career paths or skills travelers can pursue if they want to have the option to work whenever and from wherever they want.

One of the more extreme “cases” we encountered was an English guy who traveled in a tent following the cruise ship his girlfriend was working on. Internet was priced like a luxury product on the islands of the South Pacific back in 2010, but as a hacker he knew how to use a password protected Wi-Fi network without paying the ridiculous price for it. I remember how Internet was one of the biggest expenses of our traveling years back then, but our friend managed to tell his girlfriend good night without having to worry about the minutes ticking. Seeking a career in the hacking game is for the fewest of us, I guess, but there could be something for everyone in the professions listed below.


Is there anyone more free than the writer? Or are writers locked up in their own minds? It’s a thin line. There are no real limitations as to where and when you can work when you are a writer, and you can argue that it’s in the writer’s nature to travel extensively. Statistics show that authors, writers, and editors are more likely to be operating their own business than working for someone else. According to this article by, 65.9% enjoy the self-employed lifestyle, which, of course, makes it easier to travel.

My wife Elisavet Arkolaki has been by my side on most of the trips. This summer she is releasing her first children’s book – a graffiti illustrated story about multiculti kids. Elisavet, or Liza for short, is fully determined to become a bestselling author, and knowing how stubborn she is, it’s just a matter of time. It feels like the Internet has brought more opportunities for people to make a living as writers, and Liza had her book successfully funded on Kickstarter last year.

Where Am I From book cover

My writing career started in a time when the printed version of a newspaper had priority, and it always helped me to stay a few more precious days on the road when I sold travel features to the local newspaper. This story about how my home town Horten is mysteriously left out of a map at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston that shows the Kaya Tour destinations in 1978, is my favorite.


The skills of a good translator lie in the translator’s head, while the tools they use can easily be brought along on a laptop. As long as the deadlines are met, there are very few limitations as to where a translator can work from. I remember that buying Internet vouchers was one of the biggest expenses I had. Now there is Wi-Fi pretty much everywhere, and you can get a cheap roaming sim as backup. Different time zones can be a challenge, of course, but nomad translators are experts in dealing with this. To give an example, it’s comfortable to be in a time zone that lies ahead of the time zone where your client operates from – like living in Asia and working for a client in Europe.

All-in Translations Facebook cover

I remember it was hard working against deadlines when it was the other way around, like translating a poker site and its new sportsbetting section for a Malta-based company while traveling around Jamaica. There was no Internet in my room, and I had to spend the night outside next to the modem along with the mosquitoes to get the last words delivered before the sun was to rise in St. Julian’s on the deadline day. I translated the Norwegian version myself, but relied on other translators to complete the translation of this poker and sportsbetting website into Swedish, Danish, Finish, Icelandic, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian Polish and Russian. Gaming translators, more than others, are spread out around the world and it was a formidable challenge to manage deliveries at different hours throughout the day.

This was back in the days when the company was a one-man band. Today, our Portugal-based operations team makes sure all the projects run smoothly – both for our clients and for our translators. We’ve worked with more than 400 translators and writers during our 10 years in business, and we take great pride in what we have created together with them.

All-in Translations Services

The amazing All-in Translations team during our 10-year anniversary in Lisbon.

Working for an NGO

If you like to travel off the beaten path while at the same time making a difference to help those less fortunate, I think working for a non-governmental organisation (NGO) is an interesting choice. Whether the organsiation has a humanitarian mission, or if the aim is to stop animal cruelty, they need people with all sorts of skill sets. My friend Julia Berge studied civil economics and her engagements with different NGOs, like Norwegian Refugee Council, has brought her to more places in Africa than anyone else I know.

Julia Berge holding the Jamaican flag high on a trip in the Caribbean in 2009

Julia Berge holding the Jamaican flag high on a trip in the Caribbean in 2009.

Destination Management

The way I understand it, a Destination Manager’s most important job is to show his or her clients a hell-of-a-good time and to avoid tourist traps, often in up-beat places. I see this profession as a high-end travel agent, and I know two people that have this job. One is from my home town, he is the CEO of The Key who specialises in the Norwegian market. The other one, Joel Gilberto, I met him all the way on the other side of the globe in Byron Bay Australia, and he currently runs a successful destination management company called Upbeat Vegas. They helped us organise a client dinner in Las Vegas a few years ago when a lookalike of Zach Galifianakis tagged along for the evening.

Zach Galifianakis lookalike here together with our CCO Michele Spiteri

A Zach Galifianakis lookalike here together with our CCO Michele Spiteri.

Surely this is a job where you can travel from one cool place to another and earn a decent living.


A powerful symbiosis is created when professionals can use their shifting surroundings to practice a skill. Like working as a photographer. Sandra Rogers is a great example. We made her acquaintance in Malta many years ago, and last month she came to visit us in Thailand together with her family. Whenever she brings her camera out the result is spectacular photos. Sandra specialises in wedding photography, and I think very few career paths could enable you to get paid work in more beautiful places…

Liza and daughter Nelly enjoying a fresh coconut

Liza and our daughter Nelly enjoying a fresh coconut. Photo by Sandra Rogers.

Diving Instructor

… with the exception of a diving instructor job, maybe. Scuba divers want to go where the marine life is at its most colorful, so you will often find expat diving instructors on different paradise islands around the world.

Koh Tao Scuba Open Water course diving instructor Flavio together with Mats Hansen, Marius Bjerkeskaug and Roy

The picture is from Koh Tao where I took a Scuba Open Water course from the diving instructor Flavio together with my friends Mats Hansen and Marius Bjerkeskaug.

A similar profession, which I suspect is on the rise, is gym instructor. In Koh Lanta, Thailand, where we are currently operating from, a Swedish lady called Amalie Junholt arranges training on the beach every morning (except Sundays). What a great way to make a living!

Training on Klong Dao beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Training on Klong Dao beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand.


An affiliate is someone who sells traffic on the Internet. For example, someone creating and managing a website about how to win at sportsbetting and then earning money from whatever players wager money at the sportsbooks the affiliate is promoting. The requirement of physical presence is very limited, and as an affiliate you often get a free pass into conferences around the world – which is a good incentive to travel and see more. I don’t know many young people to have traveled more than my 2016 friend of the year Jerry Land. He is now the Vice President of casino software solution provider SkillOnNet, but he used to work on his own as an affiliate. I have many affiliate friends that live a Nomadic lifestyle and it’s always a happy occasion whenever our paths cross.

working with a laptop on a sunny pool

Jerry Land at the office.

Football scout

More of a wishful thinking than an actual career tip, but sometimes I can see myself as a football scout, only if I would have studied Law instead of Journalism. There aren’t many jobs cooler than traveling to the corners of the world to find talented football players. While many agents are indeed lawyers, being a lawyer is not mandatory. If it sounds interesting, I suggest you check out this book – it seems kosher.

How to Become a Football Agent book cover

Surely an interesting profession!

In 10 years of All-in Translations, we have worked with a lot of people displaying the skills mentioned in this piece. “Flexibility” is one of the most important words in our company ethos. Flexibility, open-mindedness and mutual respect. We are always looking for talented people, so if you think you have what it takes, send an email to Also, you can see our job openings here.

All-in Translations iGaming Revisor job openning

Safe travels everyone!

Prestigious Parañaque Poker Party: One Week Left

ASEAN Gaming Summit Poker Freeroll Ticket

The countdown to our ASEAN Gaming Summit Poker Tournament shows just 7 days left until the shuffle-up-and-deal time. Below, you can read a few updates.

The Crafting of ASEAN Gaming Summit Poker Freeroll Award1- The masterfully-crafted trophy is on its way to Okada Manila via post from Norway. Never mind the spelling mistake in “20. mars” (this is how we spell dates in Norwegian) – our trophy designer made sure the final version says “2oth March” before wrapping it up.

2- People are busy curating a conference, and the ASEAN Gaming Summit is no exception. This is why we’re playing the tournament in a turbo format. This way, the players can join the rest of the delegates at the official party at Cove (also at the Okada) before it gets too late.  The turbo format loses some of the skill element, but poker is still more about skill than pure luck. ASEAN Gaming Summit Poker Freeroll Hall of Fame List Since it’s also an annual event, we wanted to highlight the prestige of the “Parañaque Poker Party” by making a marathon table aka a Hall of Fame. You can read about how the points are calculated on the poster below.

3 – Although we’re highlighting the touch of prestige, the ASEAN Gaming Summit Poker Tournament by All-in Translations is open to everyone, no matter what their skill level in the game. The dealers at the PokerStars Live room are happy to explain and give assistance to anyone unsure of what to do, and players are normally patient with newbies. Also entrance is free, so what do you have to lose really? Some of the more seasoned players will surely see some flops at the real money cash games once knocked out from the tournament, but this is, of course, optional. With this tournament, the risk is zero while the prices are – thanks to our kind sponsors – awesome. Check the bottom right side of the golden ticket below to see exactly what you can win.

Invitational Poker Freeroll Pokerstars Live Okada Manila Ticket

4 – It’s prestigious and it’s for beginners, but let’s not forget the most important part: It’s for fun! Poker is a great way to network at conferences and to wind down after a long day on your feet. Free drinks are available at the PokerStars Live Room and some might treat the tournament as a pre-party before most of the ASEAN Gaming Summit delegates meet at Cove – a nightclub within the same building as the poker room.
ASEAN Gaming Summit Poker Room Map
PS: Remember to drop an email to to secure a seat. And don’t forget to bring your passport.

Norwegian Fantasy League Released With “Rich Uncle” Chip

Norwegian Fantasy League team screenshot

The official Norwegian Fantasy football game 2019 was released today.

This means that Fantasy fans finally got the three answers we’ve been waiting for since the Norwegian top-tier season ended in November last year.

  • How much will your favorite Fantasy picks cost?
  • Any midfielders or wingbacks registered as defenders, or forwards registered as midfielders?
  • How will the three chips look like?

I haven’t got the full overview yet – and not that he’s my favorite, but I noticed that Rosenborg’s goalkeeper André Hansen costs 7.0 million – which probably sets some sort of a record for a goalkeeper. At the other end of the scale, I noticed Tommy Høiland with 6.5 million. He is seen by many as Norway’s most arrogant player, but the guy scored 21 goals in 30 matches for Viking – a team that got promoted from the 1st Division.

Gili – Now a Midfielder

Gilli Rólantsson Sørensen is now a midfielder in the game. The 26-year-old from Faroese Islands was registered as a defender in several seasons for Brann, who conceded few goals, but for the most he played as a very offensive winger, resulting in clean sheets as well as assists and goals.

Fantasy game developers seem to enjoy getting creative when they set up the three chips for each season. This certainly adds a fun edge, but also creates challenges for the Fantasy managers. Two of the three chips in this year’s Norwegian fantasy are “old” classics: “Spissrush” (double points for all forwards) and Two Captains (double points also for the vice captain).

Double Gameweek in Round 2

The third chip is new and reminds us of the “Free Hit” from the Fantasy Premier League. It’s called “The Rich Uncle” (translated from rik onkel) and it gives you the chance to spend as much money as you want when changing your team for one selected round. Your old (cheap?) squad will return in the next round. Since round two of the Norwegian league this year is a double gameweek, it will be quite interesting to see which strategy each manager would follow from the get-go.

Last year, more than 60 000 players participated, and just a few hours after the 2019 version was released, more than 4000 players registered a team. It’s nothing compared to the 6,2 million players in the Fantasy Premier League, but there’s no doubt that the popularity of Fantasy is on the rise worldwide.

Roy andhis friends in a Norwegian football match

Win a Match Ticket to Malta-Norway

All-in Translations has, of course, created a league that you can enter if you have a team registered. Use this link or insert the code 3188-992. We added a couple of small prizes to make it a little bit more exciting.

1st Prize: Whoever is in the lead after Round 27 of 30 (November 2nd) wins a ticket (match only) to Malta-Norway in the European qualifier. In case you can’t participate, the ticket can go to someone else. We are planning a pre-match event here also, so watch this space!

2nd Prize: A world map hoodie from All-in Translations.

All-in Translations super team

3rd-10th Prize: The lifesaving world wide power adapter.

To see how it’s going in our Fantasy Premier League version click here.

Language services we can bet on

We’re pretty serious about Fantasy football at All-in Translations. In this article you can read about how we made a Fantasy game out of SiGMA Cup in Malta:

How the Beautiful Digital Game Came to Life in the SiGMA Cup

And here you can read the article that concludes we are mad about football:

One Flew Over the Football Nest

Axl Affiliates/Betzest Secures First PAI League 1 Promotion Spot

Axl Affiliates/Betzest celebrating the promotion to League 1 of PAI League (formerly known as Pentasia All-in League)

With 7 wins, 1 draw and 2 matches remaining, we can already congratulate Axl Affiliates/Betzest with a promotion to League 1 of PAI League (formerly known as Pentasia All-in League).

The two best teams in League 2 get a promotion, and it’s mathematically impossible for anyone else than Tipico to surpass Axl Affiliates/Betzest. Tipico are the big favorites for the 2nd spot, but both Wishmaker and Touchbet are left with a fighting chance.

We took the coach of Axl Affiliates/Betzest Marius Filip by surprise with the good news:

“Congratulations, Marius!”

“With what?”

“Promotion to League 1”.

“But we have 2 games left”.

“Two teams are promoted, your place is secured already”.

League Manager Nikola Mraovic sums up their season like this:

“In League 2, they impressed from the start, and it quickly became clear that they were the team to beat. Short passes, quick counter attacks, every player has his role on the pitch. Their coach is giving clear and loud instructions and they play fair with a solid defense. Manea Florin, a left-footed technician and playmaker, is probably their best player”.

Manea Florin from Axl Affiliates/Betzest, celebrating a goal

Mraovic is now looking forward to a possible meeting between last year’s winners GIGsters United and Axl Affiliates/Betzest in the PAI Cup quarter final.

“Both are big favorites in their 1/8 finals (GIG against ComeOn, Axl Affiliates/Betzest against Aspire), and that will be an interesting match!”.

All-in Translations’ cohosts for the PAI league, Pentasia, is looking to secure a promotion from League 3 to League 2. We don’t know the exact number of teams for the 2019/2020 season yet, so it’s too early to say anything about the number of teams in each league and who gets relegated, but a handful of new teams have registered their interest. If you want to participate, please email as soon as possible. The new season kicks off in September/October 2019.

PS: Make sure to save the 12th of April for the PAI Cup final and the season afterparty at Luxol.

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